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Default Naruto Anime Novelties? Also Pokemon/One Piece

Hello, looking to get rid of these fast. I will sell super cheap, but enough to ship the items out and make a little bit back from what I spent again. Sorry, for shipping purposes, I will only ship these in the continental U.S. , only because shipping everything will be a pain. Thanks!

Special Offer:
My Entire List
Your $50

I am losing some money, so my loss is your gain! I am quitting for good.

-$$$ (priority!)
-Anakin Skywalker Star Wars Evolution Update 2006 Autograph (high want)
-Graphing Calculators (TI-80 and up)
-Pokemon Heart Gold [DS Game]
-Pokemon Soul Silver [DS Game]
-any Barron's books to study for AP tests
-Gift Cards (please specify what stores you have and how much credit is on the card left)
-Japanese Vending Machine/Carddass/MBC cards (please specify what you have) (very low want)
-Naruto Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow DvD (medium/low want; must be in working condition, few or if none scratches on it)

Haves (these already include shipping prices):
-Naruto Uzumaki and Neji Hyuga Playmat ($12)
-x5 Sealed Naruto Official Sleeves Purple (Sasuke doing Chidori) ($6 each)
-x4 random naruto data carddass cards ($1 each)
-Naruto Akatsuki folder ($4)
-Naruto Shippuden Stickers ($3)
-Naruto Cellphone Charm ($4)
-Sakura Cellphone Charm ($4)
-Kakashi Anbu Cellphone Charm ($4)
-Sasuke/Sharingan Eye Shippuden Keychain ($4)
-Naruto/Gamabunta Shippuden Keychain ($4)
-Nearly Complete Pokemon Base Set collection (contains 73 commons/uncommons, and a few rares) ($20)
-One Piece Volume 66 (in Chinese Language) ($6)
-Naruto Volume 42 (in Japanese Language) ($7)

Remember, the more things you purchase, the more I can discount, because I am listing these at individual prices if people were to buy them separately. If you buy more things, I will combine shipping prices and discount!
ALL MUST GO! Thanks!
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