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Default Waste of time

There is a member on here who I have probably dealt with 10 times in the past. Everything went smooth, I spent quite a bit of money on him over the years.

This members name is Jtayne1323 AKA John Tayne.

Over the last two months we have agreed to 2 trades, 2 seperate occasions and BOTH have happened the exact same way (or didn't happen the same way ..)

It first started when he listed some Tannehill Chrome inserts a while back. We made a deal for those and we were going to exchange addresses. Well 18 days went by and nothing at all. I sent a few messages on here and no reply. After sending messages on ebay he replied over a month later.

He told me he couldn't log onto blowout for some reason and didn't check his eBay messages often even though he was listing like 10 things a week (which included some of the items we dealt for). Anyways I gave him the benefit of the doubt and we started negotiating again. Got a deal finalized for some cash and cards for his cards. He told me I could wait to receive since the last deal went bad. Anyways I gave him my address and asked for the DC # in the morning. 14 Days later and I have not heard from him since.

IDK if he will ever come back on this site, but do not waste your time with this clown.

Always Buying. PayPal available and ready to be spent on deals!
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Originally Posted by CardCollector View Post
IDK if he will ever come back on this site, but do not waste your time with this clown.

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