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Default Colin Kaepernick Topps Five Star Rookie Auto 26/90!

I am looking for in the $180 range for it. The last 3 went for $167, $180, and $172 without S&H. I will trade down for more value. I will also do a card cash/deal. I would like a really nice Peyton Manning Patch autograph for it but it has to be low numbered and out of a high end product. I am open to a lot of things as I really like nice patches but only of Star players. Well the card is on ebay at BIN of $189.99 so let me know asap if interested before someone buys it. The card is also in good condition for a Five star as these had a problem with chipping especially on the blue sections of the card. This one has tiny bit of white on the corners but there is no chipping on the edges in the blue areas at all. I am not a grader but I have sent in a bunch of card for grading and can't remember ever getting back anything below a BGS 9. I think this would grade a 9 in my opinion but not guaranteeing anything just wanted to give you an idea of the condition the card was in. Thanks

I collect Peyton Manning Everything!
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