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Default Bowman fanatic Fantasy Dynasty League

Do you love breaking wax? How about fantasy baseball? Got a extra 100 dollars to spend and get some cards?

Well heres my thought process,

if we have 14 teams that leaves 1400 dollars to use, and since many minor league prospects are in different drafts, or maybe you have trout on your team, you can use your "winnings" from the league to choose what wax you want to bust

for example
1st gets 800
second gets 400
third gets 200

1st place has a team that has mike trout on the roster so he decides to try 4 boxes of 2009 BDPP

Second has Zunino so he goes 6 boxes of 2012 BDPP

Third has Castanllos so he goes four boxes of 2012 bowman chrome

After seasons over and we buy boxes we break them - by winning league you essentially upgrade your odds of getting a solid hit. From there anyone who is on your final roster (prospects, vetrans) go to you, anything left over is drafted in a order to determine who picks.

This could be really fun, just gauging interest. Figuring CBS sportsline - C, 1b, 2b, ss, 3b, of, of, of, dh 5 sp 4 rp 7 bench (25 man roster)

and for sake of prospecting 25 man minor league roster (once in one season prospect goes above 150 ab or 45 ip loses minor league value and gets moved up the majors.

In one respect, the better you do in fantasy you can upgrade your odds on what you can hit depending on who is on your roster. Only rule is it has to be a bowman product.

I could draft up a constitution - but i thought it was a cool idea. The other idea is to mix up the money half into winners funds and half into a case of bowman draft and we break the case of bowman draft upon release (we would have the players already on roster from the first player draft the month before) and same idea, if hes on your roster vet or prospect hes yours, if not and we can draft the remaining hits/players.

Just a idea - ideas/suggestions/anyone down?
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