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Old 02-14-2013, 11:31 AM   #1
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Default Funny Stories About Getting Pulled Over by the Cops

So a member here is selling stuff to pay for a traffic ticket.. reminded me of a few times I comically got pulled over.. I'm sure others have stories.. so please share.

Here are mine...

I once got pulled over around 3am for "driving aimlessly"... What happened was I trying to get into the left lane to make a left turn, but the cop (who was driving next to me) wouldn't let me. He kept slowing down when I slowed, speeding up when I sped up.. and just didn't want to let me get over. I finally come to a near complete stop so I can get over.. the cop passes me.. and I make my turn. Almost on cue he makes a U turn and B line right for me.

I was on my way to the post office to drop off about 50 pacakges so when he said "aimlessly" I kinda just started laughing... pointed to the back seat, then pointed to the post office which was now right in front of me. The girl I was with couldn't stop laughing during the entire thing. Dumb me for waiting until the end of the night to drop off packages I guess. The cop apologized and nothing came of it.

Another stupid story...

I'm on my way to work making a right turn at a red light. A car in front of me is making a U turn so I stop.. wait for it to pass, and make my turn. I get pulled over 5 seconds later by an undercover officer who tells me "I failed to come to a complete stop at a red light".

I ask "did you see that car making a U turn in front of me? How did I not come to a stop?!" (my mistake was saying this sarcastically).. he said "yes I saw it, and it didn't matter!".. he literally put on the ticket that I stopped when the car in front of me was making the U turn.. making it just that much dumber.

Cherry on top? He cited me for not wearing a seat belt because I took it off to reach into my glove box for my car information. (they do this a lot in FL I have learned). The red light BS was dropped in court but I had to pay $200 for the seat belt... that was fun

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I was pulled over twice in college and told both times 'to have a great game on Saturday' and let go.

Never received a ticket in my life (knock knock). I was pulled over for speeding in Alabama in November while traveling to my grandfather's funeral. I'm driving my wife's work SUV and he came from the other direction to get me. He let me off with a warning, but my wife 'huffed' as he gave me the warning and I thought it was about to turn into a ticket. He asked 'what did you say'? And I had to jump in that she was mad at me for speeding in her work vehicle.

In college I was walking to a friends apartment (a few blocks from mine) with a case of beer and drinking a beer from a plastic cup. My friend (who had not been drinking!!) decided to shorten my walk and he drove my direction to get me. He picked me up as I walked in front of a Stop and Shop (we called it Stop and Rob). As I got in I saw a patrol car come out of a side parking lot. I'm sweating because I'm 19, school starts in two days and my father is in town. Of course, he follows us into my friend's parking lot and turns on his lights. He speaks to us through the loudspeaker to get out with our hands up and walk to the front of the car. He walked over to the car, looked under the driver seat and then let us go. He didn't say anything about the beer or the open container, nothing. A guess it looked bad getting into a low rider Cadillac with a Mexican driver in front of a terrible store with a case of beer. The cop was looking for someone who had shot from a moving vehicle and apparantely stowed the firearm under the seat.

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In college I worked for a local Rec Department and worked a lot of their adult sports. Was leaving from working men's softball one night and got to the intersection with a GREEN turn arrow and proceeded to make might right and go home. 2 seconds later blue lights. I'm like WTF? He then proceeds to tell me I ran the light! I was like uh no it was GREEN! So then he pulls the whole where are you coming from what have you been doing bit. Told him I worked for the same town he did and was on my way home from work at the softball field. So he goes well I'm going to let you go this time but next time watch those red lights! I being the stupid college kid was like no problem guess I'll even stop at the GREEN turn signal next time too. He didn't turn around but he kept running his yap til he got in his car, had to have the last word.

Fast forward a few days later talking to some of the softball guys and come to find out he was looking for Drunk Drivers leaving the parking lot (if you have ever played in a men's softball league you will get me here). Pissed me off then that he was making #@#@#@#@ up to pull these guys, not sure how many he got but I think most of them got off with warnings because the cop was lying about how they got pulled and their buddies went as witnesses.
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Oh boy do I have a couple, not any that I'd care to share here for obvious reasons that you'd only know if you knew the story, but they're always a good laugh with friends when reminicscing about being stupid in college
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I was pulled over on a deserted highway for going 65 in a 55 about 100 yards after it changed from 65 to 55. I told the cop he was lame for doing that.
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I've been pulled over a few times for minor things, but never got a ticket.
My grand-uncle was the chief of police in this town and another grand-uncle and my grandfather (all brothers) were on the sheriff's department years ago and large donators -or so they claim - to the current sheriff.
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Not quite pulled over but close enough...

I was 16 and had just got my license before summer break started. I picked up a buddy to go golfing. He climbed in the back seat as two of my brothers were also in the car. Shortly after we left his driveway, my buddy yells FORE!!!!! He starts laughing and then tells us that he just threw a golf ball at a guy who was walking his broken down motorcycle along side the road. I didn't know if my buddy was bullsh!tting me or not and by the time it registered with me that maybe I should stop and apologize to the guy, I was already well down the road so I kept going.

Fast forward a week later. I'm helping my Dad and uncle build some book shelves in our garage and the police pull in the driveway. My Dad approaches the police car and they talk for about 5 minutes. Me and my brothers sent our youngest brother out to find out what was up. He came back to tell us that the guy who was hit by the golf ball got my license plate number on the car I was driving. Turns out the guy walking the motorcycle along the road was an off duty police officer.

My Dad called me out and I had to sit in the back of the police car while the officer questioned me. I sang like a canary. I didn't get in trouble but my friend did. He had to apologize to the guy he hit and he got something put on his record but it disappeared once he turned 18. We were lucky. All things considered, the police were pretty cool about it. I'm sure they could have hammered us harder if they wanted to.
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I made the mistake of renting a car in Mexico back about ten years ago.

Anyways, after being conned out of $20 at the gas station, I was driving down the highway when I got pulled over for going exactly the speed limit.

Anyways, the cop noticed I wasn't from the country, and immediately told mr I was going "30 (km) over the limit" and gave me a ticket. And, if you've ever gotten a ticket in Mexico as a foreigner, well...

Not a fun experience.
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^ that is funny

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10 years ago I was pulled over for driving 73 in a 55 on the interstate by a State cop. At this point in my life I had 5 tickets and they all came from State Police with no warnings. Figuring I was certainly getting a ticket I half mouthed off and told the truth.

Do you know why I pulled you over?
"I was speeding"

Any reason why you were speeding?
"I honestly didn't think I would get caught"

I ended up with a warning.
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In high school I went to a midnight release of a CD (Don't ask which one ) with a couple of friends. We were waiting for our ride and at about 1am we decided to head over to a gas station for snacks. We get picked up by the cops crossing the street. My friend had a camera film container full of weed and a pipe. (My friend, not me ) We thought for sure we were screwed as they searched our backpacks.

They find it and ask us to get into the back of the cop car. They begin running our names.

Cop #1 - "What's your name?"
Friend #1- "Reese Sanchez"
(No Match)
Cop #1 - "Ok, what's your name?"
Friend #2 "Carl Long"
(No Match)
Cop #1 - "What's your name?"
Me - "Nodie 27"

The screen lights up and scrolls out a match.

Cop #1 - "What the heck. Repeat your name."
Me- "Nodie 27"
Cop #1 - "What the heck? Check this out."
Cop #2 - " Nodie "Puppy Dog" 27????"

The cops both look at the screen, then turn around and shine the light on me. Then back on the screen. They call it in and say my full name. I was literally freaking out. My buddies even looked at me like "who the hell are you?"

After a few minutes the two cops start laughing. Turns out I have the same name as a guy that had just gotten out of prison and went on a crime spree. He had shot 2 liquor store employees, ran into a squad car and was considered armed and dangerous since he had 2 strikes. He was also from a famous gang in Southern California known for fighting with cops and let's just say at 5 foot 7 120 lbs I didn't exactly fit the description. They laughed their asses off drove us back to the record store and I guess forgot about the weed. As they drove off one cop said "Stay out of trouble Puppy Dog"
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