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Old 02-19-2013, 09:03 PM   #1
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Default What grade to look for when buying T206s

I have always been interested in these. I have only one a (Stoney McGlynn) played for Milwaukee and it is ungraded but I am interested in buying a couple cards from this set in graded form and I am wondering what the collector "standard" PSA grade is. Basically if I ever want to get rid of them down the road which grade is going to give me the largest pool of potential buyers who would want to acquire it for their collections. I wouldn't be buying as an investment.

Example most collectors (of a particular player or set) I assume wouldn't want to go under an 8 for a 1970's card. What is the translation for this set?

I understand the theory that no matter what the object is if people can make money on it they will buy it to flip.

Opinions are much appreciated.
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Old 02-19-2013, 09:05 PM   #2
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I collect T205s and dont buy anything under a SGC 60

Its all a matter of preference and cash. The cards will always be desirable in nearly any condition
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i go for eye appeal over numerical grade. i have seen some psa 2's that look better than a psa 4.

it's like landing on property that has houses in monopoly. when you land on a property with 1 house (psa auth-1), no big deal little bit of cash, move along. when you land on a property that has 3 houses (psa 2-3), you're paying much more to stay. if you land on a hotel (psa 5 or better), you're paying out the rear.

i prefer the PSA 1-2's that look like PSA 3-4's.
i have been trying to scoop up a decent looking Nap Lajoie for a while.
as soon as i have some equity in my home and no car payment i will be going for the HOF set.
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Old 02-20-2013, 09:55 AM   #4
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Originally Posted by VWBUS1978 View Post
i go for eye appeal over numerical grade. i have seen some psa 2's that look better than a psa 4.

This without a doubt.
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Old 03-01-2013, 08:19 PM   #5
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I have 340 t206s and have been working towards slaying the "monster" for 10 yrs. I feel that collector grades are psa 3 and psa 4. They generally don't have creases and have nice eye appeal. If you like sharp corners, go for 5s. Good luck and enjoy the monster!
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Old 03-02-2013, 10:34 PM   #6
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Thanks for the opinions guys, I appreciate them. I scooped this one up last week and got it today in the mail. I wanted to get the portrait version and this was an auction style listing so I figured I could get a better price than I could on a BIN. Another plus it was SGC. They look just more displayable being smaller cards with the black frame around it and generally sell cheaper despite translating pretty similar if ever crossing over to PSA is what I read on alot of boards. Probably jumped the gun and payed more than I should have.

103022013_0003 by brewcrew09, on Flickr

103022013_0004 by brewcrew09, on Flickr
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Old 03-03-2013, 12:52 AM   #7
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I own 7 t209's and all of them are sgc 1's but they all have small amounts of paper loss on the back from being pulled out of scrapbooks. From the front they look amazing. I got an awesome deal for the first 3 and have found the other 4 since. I am constantly looking for low grade cards that have paper loss on the back. I would rather the slab say 1 and the card to present like a 6 when sitting on my shelf.
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Most common grade is PSA 4.

PSA 3/4/5's equal over half the population of graded cards. If money is an issue, I'd stay within those perimeters.

For heavy, long-term investment, I suggest PSA 6 and above.
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