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Default Drafting

Drafting in a yahoo public league right now. Will be posting picks and reason behind them later. I'm just so pumped and ready to draft and start the baseball season!!!
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So ended up having the 2nd pick in the draft. Going in my top 2 were Braun and Cabrera with Braun having the early lead in my book. Either way I knew I couldn't go wrong. 1st pick was Mike Trout so I took Ryan Braun.

Ryan Braun- I don't think he'll run as much as he did last year but I could see a 40-20 season from him with a .310 BA and 100 Runs and RBIs.

Rd. 2- Justin Upton- Another Braun type guy. Lower BA but he's hitting in a good lineup. Easy 20-20 guy this season with potential to repeat his 30-20 season from a season before. Only thing I was disappointed in was I wanted to grab Evan Longoria or Tulowitski here. Unfortanetly they went 1 and 2 picks before me. Figured David Wright would be there at the turn so I went with Upton.

Rd. 3- Jose Reyes- Well unfortunatley David Wright got taken. Either way probably wouldn't have gotten Upton and Wright together. Figure with Reyes I know I'm getting 90 runs, 10 HR, 30 SB, and a .280 BA at the very least with potential to get more steals and a better BA

Rd. 4- Billy Butler- Was happy with this pick. 30 HR guy and a great BA. Figured I had 2 Pitchers that I really wanted next, being Roy Halladay or C.C. Sabathia.

Rd. 5- Yoenis Cespedes- This pick is entirely my fault for faulty internet connection. Halladay got picked right before me so I was going to go and pick Sabathia. Cespedes was in my queue though at #1 and once my internet connect got lost so it autopicked Cespedes. I like him though so ce la vie. Outfield is set now and I think it's great. But now my pitching sucks.

Rd. 6- Aramis Ramirez- Wanted either Latos or Cueto or Sale but all went so I picked the best available. 8 of 9 past seasons with 25 HR or more. Career average of .285 Pitchers available that intrigued me was Max Scherzer.

Rd. 7- Max Scherzer- One of the last strikeout pitchers available. 231 K's last year. Would be happy with 190 and a 17 win season.

Rd. 8- Matt Wieters- Figured at this point he was best available. If he can kick up the average back to the year before that'd be a bonus but I figure I more than have enough to make up for the hit on BA.

Rd. 9- Jose Altuve- So I still need pitching....I need pitching like it's going out of style. Gallardo and Jordan Zimmerman went right before my choices so there they went. The Astros though have to score runs at some point and Altuve is going to be the one to score them. Him and Reyes along with the contributions from the OF should secure SBs most week.

Rd. 10- Josh Johnson- Finally addressed some pitching needs. Hoping for a healthy season from Mr. Johnson. He should get plenty of run support so his wins should increase. Hope for a 15 win season.

Rd. 11- Dan Haren- I like Dan Haren. I think he's a solid pitcher. Besides his past seasons in Los Angeles, he's played on teams that didn't give him a lot of run support. Going back to the NL should help him get some wins. 13 wins with at least 4 wins against the Marlins

Rd. 12- J.J. Putz- Almost forgot about a closer. Putz the last 3 seasons is Mr. Consistency. Sub 3 ERA and a WHIP under 1.05 each season.

Rd. 13- Ike Davis- Guy with 30 HR power. Hoping the BA was just a fluke though. 25 HR .250 BA

Rd. 14- Jesus Montero- Didn't know I was 12 days older then this guy. Just makes me feel old now. Hoping this season he improves on his power and his eye to raise the OBP.

Rd. 15- John Axford- Hoping for a rebound year from Axford. Living in Wisconsin, I have to hope for it anyways. Might as well pick him up and root for it harder.

Rd. 16- Casey Janssen- Hope the shoulder is ok. Need him to be the closer starting opening day. IF he can be, then he'll be a good pick.

Rd. 17- Grant Balfour- Journeyman. Hope he can hold down the closing duties in Oakland. If not I'll just jump to the next guy. Not expecting much but I needed another closer.

Rd. 18- Neil Walker- Decent backup but really am not expecting much at all from him.

Rd. 19- Dexter Fowler- The next three picks were autopicked as I was finishing up dinner. Happy with the Fowler selection anyways. Solid OF who won't play much in my lineup anyways. Solid speed, hits for a good average and has a good OBP

Rd. 20- Wei-Yin Chen- No clue about this pick. Saw his stats from last year so lets hope he improves a bit.

Rd. 21- Trevor Plouffe- Eh. Not digging this one. Defiantly going to check the free agents out.

Rd. 22- Ricky Romero- Dude is 1 year out from winning 15 games and pitching a sub 3 ERA. He might be competing for a spot on the rotation but he'll win that and if he doesn't he'll probably make an early call-up to spell in for an injured player

Rd. 23- Billy Hamilton- Just couldn't think of anyone to pick.

Pretty happy with the team. The pitching is my weak spot but I think I can find some pitching when the season gets underway.
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