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Default Which would you prefer?

I only collect a few sets, so space/cost is not really an issue.

Would you prefer to store your base sets in Ultra Pro Diamond boxes, or in penny sleeves then 100ct cardboard, or penny sleeves top loaders then cardboard?

This is strictly for base sets. Inserts and hits are all stored differently.

I should note, I'm just curious about other peoples opinions.
Previously I had been storing my PC base sets in binders, however I've noticed a few have started to bend so I am switching to penny sleeve, then top loader, then cardboard(for now, eventually I will get around to making custom boxes for each individual set) *Possibly out of cedar...unless someone could suggest a better type of wood for this purpose*
Cards I collect: WD, Psych, BBT, AHS, Grimm, Journey to the Center of the Earth, Breaking Bad

Other Stuff I collect: POP! figures, CIB Nintendo 64 stuff, Straight/Safety Razors

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My preference is to keep EVERYTHING in binders if possible. Otherwise its difficult to "enjoy" my collection.

For duplicate bases sets I don't care for enough to put in a binder - I either do those 100 ct plastic cases or penny sleeves in an appropriate sized cardboard box. It often depends on the finish of the card - if it is anything that might stick together then I go the penny sleeve method BUT if not I prefer the molded plastic cases as I think they are a "safer" solution
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