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Default Vintage newbie......

Looking for some basic advise, I want to dabble in the vintage stuff, not for profit but just to collect and enjoy. I really only want to buy graded stuff if I do buy any and just plan on passing them down to my kids some day. Figuring heck if I buy some T206 then 50 years from now it will be even older, right, haha.

If anyone has any tips or advise I would love to hear it. I am not planning on spending 10's of thousands, but just dabble in it and have a little fun.

Thank you,
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Also any good books or items to read and review as well I would be interested in getting pointed in the right direction.
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When it comes to graded vintage cards, there are several avenues you can take. A lot of collectors focus on graded RC's, whether they are the high $ variety, or RC's of favorite players/teams of the past. You could collect graded vintage team sets, or even graded cards of the same grade or grades 1-10.

To me, there are so many vintage cards that just have great old-time photography/pictures that if it catches my eye, I'm a buyer.
(For this reason above, I recommend the cards from 1953 Bowman Baseball).

Good luck and have fun!
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My number one piece of advice is to pick a theme to guide your collecting. It can be a specific player, team, set, etc., but you need to have a guiding principle.

Second is to set a budget.

Third is to avoid focusing on condition. Well centered cards in the PSA 5-7 range usually have excellent visual appeal, and can be bought for a fraction of the price of cards with higher grades.

Broaden your cards such as Perez-Steele (baseball) & Goal Line Art (football) are both gorgeous and affordable. There are many other interesting oddball/food issues as well (Kellogg's & Post Cereal, for example).
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