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Default Player or set runs

I hear talk of the regular Baseball hobby talk of PC's some of the today's players,
but not too many of vintage collectors, actually I think it's easier to collect a complete topps run of a certain player like Reggie Jackson, Frank Robinson etc. as if you have a topps run of these players, 1 card every year you have a good amount of the cards, anybody collect that way? I was thinking of doing something like that for a few of the great HOF's as long as it doesn't go way back cause those can get expensive!!

On the NET54 board, there is a collector who has a complete set topps run from 1951 to present I think, that is kind of neat, the thing is this person has them all raw, I consider that a TRUE collector
I have a lot of the complete sets in the 1980's (the worthless ones) but, I am thinking of dipping into the 70's by going back to about 1975 or so, maybe buying some complete and in order to provide a bit of a challenge collecting a few of them by lots and then gradually card by card.
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Well, I'm not quite back to the 70's yet but I've got every Topps set from 85 to now (save 98 that I need a few cards to finish). I'm within 50 cards on 83 and 82 and need 2 to finish 84.

Once those are done, I'll work on 80 and 81. My ultimate goal is to get back to 1972.
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