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Default eBay beggars - any other sellers experiencing this?

Perhaps there's already a thread out there somewhere regarding this, but I wanted see if any other eBay sellers have seen a recent increase in 'eBay begging'.

I'm happy to toss in a freebie or two from time to time, especially for buyers grabbing more than 5-6 cards in a transaction and for regular, repeat customers - but lately I'm seeing a real increase in the number of "would you also please send me..." requests following a transaction.

The majority of my sales are low end inserts, RCs, AU and GU and I offer free shipping on all, so it may be a flaw in who I am targeting as my customer base. Here are a few examples - just in the last 16 days:

(these are the actual eBay Messages - I've removed any buyer id specific info - but I've not capitalized or punctuated anything for effect, they did that on their own)

"Also, I recently lost all my prized rookie and prospect auto and non auto cards due to a house fire. Thus, the reason why I am back on Ebay. Needless to say that it was devastating. If you can find it in your heart to throw in any nice extras to help me replenish my collection, I would appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. If not, no big deal. I collect MLB teams top 10 prospects, especially Yankees, all in Bowman Chrome prospect / draft from 2010 to 2012" (this buyer has 591 feedback and purchased several low-end Chrome RCs in 3 separate transactions and has included the same email each time)

(Could you PLEASE "throw-in" a couple cheaper 2012 ROBERT GRIFFIN III and ANDREW LUCK ROOKIE cards for my (2) little grandchildren?) J___ 9 and N____ 7 Thank you, Grandpa ___, Sr. (his partial ebay id has cardshop in it, he has a card store in PA, and is a Top Rated eBay seller w/ 10,490 feedback)

Hello, one of the cards I have at home doesn't have a toploader and I would like to store it properly. Would you mind including an extra topload with this order? Thanks a lot. (this one made me smile - it's not about the value of the request - this guy has 955 feedback - he doesn't have spare toploads?)

As these buyers all have a decent amount of feedback, it's reasonable to assume they may also browse these forums - I've withheld any specific buyer info and am not 'calling them out' per se, I'm simply using them as examples to show what I've seen lately.

Just curious as to other sellers thoughts on such requests and whether or not they've seen an increase in them as I have.


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Honestly I think that's going to far..

"I own a card shop but i'd rather use your rgIII's and Andrew Lucks to "give to my nephew (stock my shelves)"

"I lost my prized cards due to a house fire but i'm still on ebay purchasing cards, and want some extra good cards" ? why is he on ebay? (I've heard this story a few different times as well from other forums and such..) um, save the money to replace things more important then cards..? (wait, did I just say more important then cards..? ) yes.. there is more important, but I love this hobby anyways.

and.. "Please include an extra toploader" honestly if someone asked me too I would, i'm a nice guy typically, and it's only 5-10 cents... but at the same time, it's only 5-10 cents or $2-3 to buy a pack of 20 at walmart even.. cheaper online.. Get your own?

These are just my thoughts, 1 maybe 2 of these stories are true, but I just can't buy it honestly.. I don't mean any rude-ness.. but those quotes are how I interpreted the emails you received..
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Expect more of it as people become more brainwashed into thinking everyone else owes them something or should help subsidize their cell phones, college tuition, birth control, etc. Not a political statement. Just a fact.
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Thats crazy I have never experienced that yet...I don't know how I would respond, I certainly would not feel I owe them something extra and a sad/sob story wouldn't affect my decision either....I probably would respond with sure I can throw in some extra cards or a few toploaders then I would send a Paypal request with XX amount of dollars just to see or read there reaction.
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