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Default Looking for vintage experts who can help me with some Babe Ruth & Cy Young questions.

So I'm a huge Boston sports fan. About 6-7 years ago, I came up with a plan have my personal collection be the best rookie cards I could find of the top Boston legends. I actually got pretty far -- I had a BGS 10 SP Autentic Tom Brady and a PSA 1 e90 Cy Young. I also picked up a low grade 1957 Topps Bill Russell and Bob Cousy, and a few others on my hit list. Needless to say, I got married, had a kid, and well, those are all long gone now.

I'm finally back to the point where I can legitimately start thinking about this again. So here's my question for you vintage experts:

I really like the e90 Cy Young -- I realize it's not a "rookie" or the most desireable, but I LOVE the Red Sox uni. Does anyone know what other early Cy Young cards exist with him in a Boston uni.

For Ruth, obviously the 1915/16 Sporting News is the top one out there (besides that card they found with him listed on Baltimore). What else is out there 1915-1919 with him listed on Boston? I know there are a few with pictures of him in a Boston uni that list him on New York -- I'm not interested in those.

Thanks for your help guys. As I start building this PC back up, I'll show scans! Also, if anyone has rookies of Williams, Orr, Russell, Cousey, etc, and are willing to trade for newer stuff, let me know. Thanks!
Buying Trey Flowers Contenders Auto's (Pats uni only)
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Put this in the vintage section.
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