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Default 2007-08 UD Chronology Basketball

2007-08 UD Chronology Basketball

Exciting news from UD

EVERY case of NBA Chronology will contain approximately 1.5 super “A” signatures! That equates to better than 1:6 packs! Super “A” signatures include the following current and former stars of the NBA:






Bill Russell

Dr. J

Magic Johnson

Larry Bird

In addition, we are pleased to announce that this product will feature the first ever cut signature card of legendary coach Jim Valvano! Plus, there will be loads of other cut signatures (including the first ever cuts of Dennis Johnson and George Mikan) and live signatures from many of the other top names in the NBA like Steve Nash, Yao Ming, Tracy McGrady and Dwight Howard as well as stars of yesterday like Clyde Drexler, Jerry West, and the legendary Oscar Robertson!


o Find 3 autographs per pack, on average!

o Look for beautiful artists' paintings cards, printed on canvas-like paper!

o Also, find at least one signed painting card per pack numbered to 99 or less, on average!

o Rookie Redemptions return; find one 2008-09 Rookie Redemption per pack. Redeemed Rookie cards will be painted!

o Find amazing cut signatures from basketball legends!

o Look for Timeless Memories paintings of some of the greatest moments in NBA history!



Autographed-Painted Cards (1 per pack on average)

o Painted Rookies (# to 99)

o Painted Rookies Gold // (# to 10)

o Painted Legends (# to 99)

o Painted Legends Gold // (# to 10)

o Timeless Memories (# to 99)

o Timeless Memories Gold // (# to 10)

Autographed Cards (2 per pack on average)

o Chronology Cuts (varied #)

o Mastery (# to 25)

o Mastery Gold // (# to 10)

o Regular Card Auto //

o Regular Card Auto Gold // (# to 10)

o Dedications (# to 50)

o Dedications Gold // (# to 10)

o Historically Accurate (# to 50)

o Historically Accurate Gold // (# to 10)

o Through the Years (# to 50)

o Through the Years Gold // (# to 10)

o My Generation (# to rookie year)

o My Generation Gold // (# to 10)

o Uniform Numbers (# to jersey #)

o Uniform Numbers Gold // (# to 10)

o Seriatim Dual Auto (# to decade)

o Freshman Registry Triple Auto (# to 25)

o Era Associates Quad Auto (# to 15)

o The Five Auto (# to 10)

o VI - Six Auto (# to 5)

Memorabilia Cards (1 per pack, on average)

o Stitches in Time-Rookie (# to 99 or less)

o Stitches in Time-Rookie Patch Auto // (# to 35 or less)

o Stitches in Time-Veteran (# to 99 or less)

o Stitches in Time-Veteran Patch Auto // (# to 35 or less)

o Stitches in Time-Legend (# to 99 or less)

o Stitches in Time-Legend Patch Auto // (# to 35 or less)

Rookie Redemptions (1 per pack, on average)

o 2008-09 Rookie Redemption

o 2008-09 Rookie Redemption Silver

o 2008-09 Rookie Redemption Gold

Regular Cards, Parallels and Non-Auto Rookies (2 per pack, on average)

o Base Set - 100 Cards (# to 250)

o Painted Rookies Non-Auto (# to 99)

o Painted Rookies Non-Auto Gold // (# to 10)


8 Boxes per Case

1 Pack per Box

7 Cards per Pack

Release Date: 6/1/08

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Painting cards?!!? Now UD thinks the non-sports collectors and the sports collectors are from the same breed of collecting.
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