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NON-SPORTS BUY/SELL/TRADE Post your NON-SPORTS Buy/Sell/Trade needs here.

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Default Marvel/DC sets I need to complete

let me know if anyone has anything or needs anything from the following list...



Marvel Universe III (1992)
Hologram H-5
Marvel Universe V (1994)
Suspended Animation 7,10 (Thing, Wolverine)


Marvel Masterpieces 1993
Extra Base
Marvel Masterpieces 1994
Gold Signature Parallels 21,42,49,54,62,82,86,91,100,103,112,120
Silver Holofoil #5
Marvel Masterpieces 1995
Base Cards 26,31,32,33,46,67-69,73,75(x2),109,121,134,138,140

Canvas Cards 1,10
Marvel Masterpieces 2007
Fleer Base Parallels 3,5,22,35,39,41,48,49,74,75
Skybox Spider-Man insert S2
Marvel Masterpieces 2008 (Set 1 - "MM2")
Complete Base Sets and singles
Avengers Complete Insert Set (x2) + A2-A5,A7,A8
Marvel Heroines Complete Insert Set (x2) + MH1-MH3,MH6,MH8,MH9
Hulk Die Cut A (x3)
Iron Man Die-Cut (x3)
Fantastic 4 Memorabilia Cards - Human Torch FF3, Dr. Doom FF5 (x2) - ask for scan if interested in swatch color
Box Toppers - Spider-Woman, X-Men Villains, Dr. Strange
Marvel Masterpieces 2008 (Set 2 - "MM3")
At least one base set maybe more and singles
Marvel Knights insert set MK1-MK9
X-Men inserts XM5,XM9


X-Men Series II (1993)
Extra Base
Marvel Flair '94
Extra Base
Marvel Flair '95
Powerblasts 12,18,20
One base card - 60
Impact Cards 2,7,8,13,15
Marvel Metal
Extra Base
Silver Flasher Parallel 41
Gold Blaster Cards 2,3,13,14,15
X-Men Fleer Ultra 1994
Extra base
X-Men Fleer Ultra 1995
Rainbow Hunters and Stalkers 1(x2),6,8,9(x2)
Suspended Animation 2,4,6,7,8,9(x2)
X-Men '95 Ultra All Chromium
Gold signature parallel for base card #80
Spider-Man Ultra (Fleer 1995)
Base Parallel 76
Clear-Chrome Cards 3,4,10
Marvel Creators Collection
Editor's Choice Cards 2,6,12
Fantastic Four Archives (2008)
Nemesis N4,N6,N9
X-Men Archives
Plenty of base sets + extra base cards
Complete Nemesis Insert Set + N4,N7,N8
Covers Inserts CA4,CA6,CA7
Spider-Man Archives
Complete base set plus singles
Parallel foils 2,5,6,8,10,11,13,19,20,23,24,28,29,33,34,37,41,42,45,47,


DC Cosmic Cards
Holograms #DCH1,DCH2,DCH3,DCH4,DCH7,DCH9, & DCH10

Hellboy Animated HA-1
Lost (Season 2) L2-1
Smallville (Season 5) SM5-1
Family Guy (Season 2) P1
Supernatural P-1
Twilight P-1
The Spirit P-1
Legends and Lore DP1 (3)

I also have some inserts from these sets: DARK DOMINION and DEATHWATCH 2,000 including one that was only inserted at a ratio of 1:360 packs



Marvel Universe V
Silver Power Blast Cards 1,3,4,6,9


Marvel Masterpieces 1994
Gold Holofoils 1,3,4,6-10
All Bronze Holofoils
Marvel Masterpieces 1995
Canvas Cards 19,21
All Holoflash
E-Motion parallels 1-14,16-23,26-36,38-47,49-68,70,71,73-78,80,82,83,85,88,
Marvel Masterpieces 1996
Any and All
Marvel Masterpieces 2007
Fleer Base Parallels 70,80
Gold Bordered Base Parallels 2,3,4,5,6,7,9-11,13-21,23,26,28,29,30,32,34,36,37,38,43,
Fleer X-Men Parallel Inserts X3,X5
Marvel Masterpieces 2008 (set 2 - "MM3")
Gold Marvel Moments MM5,MM7
Writer Autos - all except Mackie, Vaughan, McDuffie, Thomas, Simonson


Spider-Man: McFarlane Era (1992)
Prism Cards P1-P6
X-Men Series 1 (1992)
Holograms XH1-XH5
X-Men Series 2 (1993)
Base Card #74
Gold Foils G4
Holograms H-4
X-Men Fleer Ultra 1994
Base Card #109
Team Portrait Insert 1
Red Foil/Team Triptych Inserts: X-Men Gold 4,5
Silver X-Over Inserts 1-6
X-Men Fleer Ultra 1995
Base Cards
Sinister Observations inserts 6,8
Suspended Animation inserts 2,5,10
Fleer Ultra X-Men 1995 All Chromium
I need everything except:
base cards 44,73
Alternate X Embossed Cards 15,16
Lethal Weapons 6
Spider-Man Ultra (Fleer 1995)
All Base Cards
Base Parallels 2,4-7,9-14,16-19,21-26,31-33,36,39,41-48,50-54,56-61,63,
Clear-Chrome Cards 5,6
Marvel Metal (1995)
Silver Flasher Parallels 1,4,6,8,11,12,14,16-23,26,28-40,42,44-46,48-51,54-64,67-74,76-78,80,
Gold Blaster Card 9
D.C. vs Marvel
Impact Card 16
Holo FX Cards 5,7-9,12
Both Mirage Cards
Marvel Motion (1996)
Virtual Vision Cards - Hulk
Marvel Creators Collection (1998)
Editor's Choice Cards 1,10
Autos 12,15,16,17,18
Marvel: The Silver Age (1998)
Silver Age Heroes inserts S1,S2,S4,S6,S7
All Autos except Ayers, Buscema, Sinnott, Colan
Complete Avengers
All inserts except Greatest Enemies GE1,GE4,GE5,GE8,GE9
Women Of Marvel
Embrace Cards E3
Spider-Man Archives
Base Parallels 1,3,4,7,9,12,14-18,21,22,25-27,30-32,35,36,38-40,43,44,46
Rogue's Gallery Lenticulars R6,R9
Swing-Into-Action Cards 2-5,8,9


DC Legacy
All parallel base cards except 4,20,32,37
First Covers FC1-FC5,FC7,FC8
DC Gallery AR2-AR9
Lenticulars L1-L4,L6
Justice League Archives
I need everything
Collecting Sam Young and Dejuan Blair

I also collect Marvel cards for non-sports...

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Default i would like to trade

i have quite a few of the cards you are looking for and there are quite a few you have to trade that i need. here is what i have to trade...

93 marvel masterpiece- 70+ singles
94 ultra xman- team portrait #1
94 marvel masterpiece- gold holofoil #8
95 ultra xmen- suspended animation #5,10, also 100+ singles
95 marvel masterpiece- emotion series #27,28,55,76,89,120,150

here is what i need that you have...

masterpiece canvas #1
2008 marvel masterpiece base set and all inserts
95 flair powerblasts #7,12,20
marvel metal base set
spider man clear chrome #3,10

all my cards are in pretty good shape, some have some minor wear and tear, i did get them when i was in my teens, however, they have been in pages ever since i got them. let me know what you think.

ryan d
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Old 01-06-2010, 06:30 PM   #3
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Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Posts: 75

Hey Ryan!

Give me a day or two to go through my stuff and see if I still have those cards...I know for a fact that I just traded away the Flair powerblast #12...but I should have everything else...I'll PM you tomorrow...
Collecting Sam Young and Dejuan Blair

I also collect Marvel cards for non-sports...
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Don't forget to take the cards off your list that I have put aside for you.
PC Jake Fisher - If I don't have it, I want it!
Looking for Solomon Grundy
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Old 01-19-2010, 12:06 PM   #5
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Default cards to trade...

I think i remember you saying you needed the 1995 fleer ultra spider man gold foil signature series cards. i have #58 and #114. I also found another book with almost the complete set of 1995 fleer ultra x-men. didnt know if you have completed that set yet.

I also looked over your want list and saw you needed the ultra xmen chromium set, well at least most of it.. i have singles # 7, 14, 22, 29, 30, 34, 40, 49, 64, 67, 69, 75, 79, 87, 99 and also signature card # 70

i also need #128 from your marvel metal singles

let me know what you have that you would trade for these things. send me a list of the 95 ultra xmen cards you need. im only missing 1 from my whole extra set. any of the dc vs marvel you could find would be awesome too!
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