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Default Collection from childhood - what to do...?

So I've posted over in the baseball ( and hockey ( sections - but I also have quite a few football cards from the same era, but then some better vintage cards. I got out just before grading took off.

Here's a few examples I've pulled to try and figure out if I want to get them graded, as I think they could grade at 9 or above. The problem is that I don't have any examples to compare them to. So here are the few that I pulled:

Brett Favre
1991 - Topps Stadium Club

Eddie George
1996 - Upper Deck SP

Steve McNair
1995 - Upper Deck SP

1996 - Upper Deck SPx

Joe Montana
1981 - Topps

Deion Sanders
1989 - Score

Emmitt Smith
1991 - Score

The scans are not very good especially for the Montana, but I plan on pulling these out and putting them in top loaders, so I can get better scans. However they seem to be very crisp.

I sort of explain this a little more over in the baseball section, but I am looking to move some of these PCs I have (Todd Maronivich, Drunkenmiller - which I need to post as worst purchase ever, Jerry Rice, Steve Young, Bo Jackson) and sets 88 - 91ish to work on my new PCs.

I am considering stopping by the local "antique" stores to see if I can unload some of the sets for $5 - $10 a set. I figured if I wanted them and ever had room again I could go back and get them online for about the same price.

The cards I pulled seemed to have the biggest gain if they graded at 9 or so and I would only be out the $9 for grading, but wanted to know your guy's (and gal's) thoughts on what you have done or what other ideas I am not thinking of.

Thanks for looking!
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If buy the Eddie maybe
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The Favre card has 3 soft corners and the edges aren't that good, there is also what looks to be a surface flaw under his left elbow so getting it graded would be a waste. You would be better off holding on to it until he gets the nod into the HOF and then selling.
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