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Old 12-12-2009, 05:12 PM   #1
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Default Football Cards on Ebay. Please help

I need some info, before I lose or invest the time.

#1 Base Cards:

Do they sell well at all?
Do you sell in lot?
Do you sell as singles?

#2 Who to sell?

What football players sell the best?

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Off subject sorry, what branch did you retire from? I retired in 1996 (Air Force), the monthly check is great isn't it
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I really suggest reading the forums as this is the 3rd time this week this topic has come up.

But depending on the year, your rookies at this point are about the only major money in base cards, and in this case major means they might sell. Presuming the inserts have been removed. Some of the stars might sell, but if its a standard base product, most guys probably already have a few.

Some teams sell well in player lots, others are very hard to move. Your best bet to maximize time/effort/return is to try and sell the entire lot locally through either a LCS or craigslist as once you move to selling online, your total price will have shipping and fees deducted into your profits (good example being is I'll pickup basecards, but typically newer stuff I'll pay .01 each delivered at best, I prefer .005, but say a 5000 ct box runs 25 bucks to ship, if I were to pay 50 bucks, you've lost 25 to the USPS/Fedex/UPS, then say 2 bucks to paypal, ao your net just dropped to 23 bucks verses the 50 you might of been able to get locally)
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