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Default NEW Blowoutcards NFL Top 20 Rookie Rankings - December 18th

Week 15 NFL Rookie Rankings

# 1 - Percy Harvin, WR - Vikings - 1st Rd, 22nd Pick

View Percy Harvin's Hottest RC's:

Percy Harvin's Hottest Singles on eBay!

# 2 - Brian Cushing, LB - Texans - 1st RD, 15th Pick

View Brian Cushing's Hottest RC's:
Brian Cushing's Hottest Singles on eBay!

#3 - Mark Sanchez, QB - Jets - 1st Rd, 5th Pick

View Mark Sanchez's Hottest RC's:
Mark Sanchez's Hottest Singles on eBay!

#4 - Matthew Stafford, QB - Lions - 1st Rd, 1st Pick

View Matthew Stafford's Hottest RC's:
Matthew Stafford's Hottest Singles on eBay!

# 5 - Jairus Byrd, CB - Bills - 2nd Rd, 42nd Pick

View Jairus Byrd's Hottest RC's:
Jairus Byrd's Hottest Singles on eBay!

#6 - Hakeem Nicks, CB - Giants - 1st Rd, 29th Pick

View Hakeem Nick's Hottest RC's:
Hakeem Nick's Hottest Singles on eBay!

# 7 - Brian Orakpo, OLB - Redskins - 1st Rd, 13th Pick

View Brian Orakpo's Hottest RC's:
Brian Orakpo's Hottest Singles on eBay!

# 8 - Knowshon Moreno, RB - Broncos - 1st Rd, 12th Pick

View Knowshon Moreno's Hottest RC's:
Knowshon Moreno's Hottest Singles on eBay!

# 9 - Louis Delmas, FS - Lions - 2nd Rd, 33rd Pick

View Louis Delmas's Hottest RC's:
Louis Delma's Hottest Singles on eBay!

# 10 - Jeremy Maclin, WR - Eagles - 1st Rd, 19th Pick

View Jeremy Maclin's Hottest RC's:
Jeremy Maclin's Hottest Singles on eBay!

# 11 - Clay Matthews, LB - Packers - 1st Rd, 26th Pick

View Clay Matthews's Hottest RC's:

Clay Matthew's Hottest Singles on eBay!

#12 - LeSean McCoy, RB - Eagles - 2nd Rd, 53th Pick

View LeSean McCoy's Hottest RC's:
LeSean McCoy's Hottest Singles on eBay!

# 13 - James Laurinaitis, MLB - Rams - 2nd Rd, 35th Pick

View James Laurinaitis's Hottest RC's:
James Laurinaitis's Hottest Singles on eBay!

#14 - Michael Oher, OT - Ravens - 1st Rd, 23rd Pick

View Michael Oher's Hottest RC's:

Michael Oher's Hottest Singles on eBay!

#15 - Michael Crabtree, WR - 49ers - 1st Rd, 10th Pick

View Michael Crabtree's Hottest RC's:
Michael Crabtree's Hottest Singles on eBay!

# 16 - Chris Wells, RB - Cardinals - 1st Rd, 31th Pick

View Chris Wells's Hottest RC's:
Chris Wells's Hottest Singles on eBay!

#17 - Kenny Britt, WR - Titans - 1st Rd, 30th Pick

View Kenny Britt's Hottest RC's:
Kenny Britt's Hottest Singles on eBay!

# 18 - Johnny Knox, WR - BEARS - 5th Rd, 140th Pick

View Johnny Knox's Hottest RC's:
Johnny Knox's Hottest Singles on eBay!

#19 - Aaron Curry, OLB - Seahawks - 1st Rd, 4th Pick

View Aaron Curry's Hottest RC's:
Aaron Curry's Hottest Singles on eBay!

#20 - Mike Wallace, WR - Steelers - 3rd Rd, 84th Pick

View Mike Wallace's Hottest RC's:
Mike Wallace's Hottest Singles on eBay!

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