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Default Good Retail Hit from UD 2012-13 series 1 with a story I now feel old

I picked up a couple packs of Upper Deck Series One retail at AAFES (BX) and let my son open them. We mainly buy football and baseball but we are capitals fans so we occasionally buy a little bit of hockey. We have never really pulled anything big out of hockey just a few jerseys and a couple of autos of really nobody. Granted My Son is only 8 but he is very knowledgeable when it comes to sports. Well today I brought home the packs and he was opening them and he said Dad we got a jersey. Now if it was a capitals player or a red wings player (my wifes fav team) he would have been yelling but he said well at least we got a jersey and I was in the other room and He was looking at the jersey and said who is Wayne Gret and he couldn't pronounce it. Before he could try I came running into the room and my wife yelling says U PULLED A WAYNE GRETZKY JERSEY and he said who is that LOL. My wife says he s the Michael Jordan of Hockey. He was still not that excited like I was and we both got excited when I read on a site that it was 1 in 4,216 packs. I know its only a jersey card but It was our first ever pull of the Great One. He now knows who the GREAT ONE is but I now feel old realizing the young generation has no idea who The Great One is. Needless to say we are happy pulling the Wayne Gretzky Jersey Card.
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Great story! Congrats on the awesome pull!
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Old Nap
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Haha, great story. That's one you'll remember forever.
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When I puled my first ever memorabilia I was like a kid in a candy shop.I was like 23.
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