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Default What do you do when you get a damaged card?

I received a package today that had 4 cards in it, and one of them was damaged. You could tell that it was damaged when it was pack pulled and that the damage wasn't from the shipment. It was in-between the other cards and the ones around it show no damage. So that instantly makes me believe that the member on here that I traded with neglected to inform me that the card was damaged before we agreed on the trade!

Now I PM'd him about this asking for him to replace the card with another card of same value and that I was disappointed that I was not informed of the damage on the card and that I no longer want the damaged card. It was just a $20 card, so I asked for either $20 paypal or a $20 card as a replacement.

Did I handle this the right way? What if he refuses to replace the damaged card? Then what do I do?
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Beat him, and tar and feather him. Then feed him dry corn.

Seriously tho, I think you handled it the right way. Give him a chance to explain or remedy the situation before you blow it up. If they are not willing to resolve, get a mod involved.
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it depends a lot on the damage, if its just a miner surface scratch on the front and doesn't take much away form the card other than it not being gradeable, then I do NOTHING.

Now if I get a card or cards with madly dinged corners or any other kind of major noticeable damage, then I let the other party know just how unhappy I am.
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