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Default Don't buy from eBay sportscardicons

The guy lists the card as #/10. It was the first one on eBay so I believed him. I know Five Star is mainly lower numbered cards. After I pay I start looking around and doing more of my own research and come to find out it isn't #/10, it is #/20, which completely blows the deal up for me. I was seeking a very low #ed card of one of the bigger rookies and 10 was the limit so a Russell Wilson #/10 auto for $202 shipped was a decent deal.

I contact the seller and seek assurances, which he doesn't provide except to say that Topps was lying to me and the sell sheet was wrong, and all other manner of BS, so he tells me he can provide a link to the sell sheet that states this, but magically his link doesn't work, and he refuses to provide it. Instead he claims to COPY/PASTE it. Maybe he did and maybe he didn't but HIS sell sheet reads differently than everybody else's.

So the guy sends me a message saying he will give me a PARTIAL refund. I almost rached through the computer and knocked him out! He ADMITS he did not list it correctly and basically wants ME to pay for HIS mistake? What a douche. After tossing around threats of eBay and PayPal intervention he finally issues a refund.

He tried to tell me that a Russell Wilson #/20 was the SAME CARD as Russell Wilson #/10... The guy is delusional! He then says I have buyers remorse, but it was just the opposite, those things are listing at $250+, it would be to my benefit to take his card and make $50 off it!!!

My point is it is not what I wanted, which was a big rookie #/10 or less. He did not describe it accurately, how is that my fault?
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Maybe he was hoping you wouldn't notice the difference.
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Originally Posted by jared6180 View Post
After I pay I start looking around and doing more of my own research...
There was your mistake!!

In all seriousness, sorry about that. Maybe he thought the card was /10 and then instead of admitting he was wrong tried to blame you and make up stories, or maybe he knew what he was doing the whole time. Either way, since the card wasn't what the seller said it was, you were 100% in the right in asking for a refund.
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