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Default software for football cards ?

Is there any good software that will crop football cards when scanning automatically? I hate cropping $1.99 cards, but putting up a picture of 9 cards looks tacky.

How do these big time sellers that have 1000's of $1 cards get there cards cropped so nice? They cant be doing that for each $1 card can they?
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I imagine this varies by scanner, but on mine when I open up the window to start scanning, there's a thing where I select what type of document it is. there's the usual suspects, color photo, color document, black and white document, black and white photo etc. etc. so I choose color photo. then there's a thing where you can choose document size. 3x5, 5x7, 8x10, letter, blah blah blah, and one of the options under that is "multiple" I pick multiple, put 4 or 5 cards on the glass, close the lid, hit scan, it runs through and does the scan and automatically cuts it up and gives me each card as a separate image.
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Here is the link for a very good color scanner that does dual-side scans and auto-format (crops) the size of the card. Its perfect for all sports cards except for the really thick 130pt and above cards. This one will scan the regular thickness cards while its in its top loader. Image quality is pretty good, but personally I don't think anything beats a flat bed scanner.

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