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Default jordan inserts i just got and others need help value wise

hi i recently picked up a bunch of cards from my friend and he bought these a while back and just gave em to em and i found a couple of cards that i dont know the value of. The jordan wiht the orange border for example topps fines psa 10 sold for like 3000 but i see some others liek it selling for 30 so i dont know whta the deal is . All of these cards i can see getting a psa 10 becasue this guy kept em mint any help guys
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Ok, the orange bordered finest Jordan that went for $3k was a orange test refractor. That is not what you have here. You have the base 95-96 Mystery Finest card, worth about $10. The most valuable card you have here is the 96 SPx Record Breaker insert that raw would bring $30-50.....BGS 9.5's/PSA 10's bring a lot more but the surface is very condition sensitive. The Mystery Finest Hardaway Refractor is a nice card but only worth $5-10. You would be doing good if you got $75 for the entire lot raw. If they are in fact high grade then send them in because you would see great return on your money.

PS: The Jordan Mystery Finest looks WAY OC......its not going to be a PSA 10.
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Unfortunately the Jordan record breaker ungraded is more like a $6-$10 card.

That Hardaway mystery finest refractor looks like it's in real good shape with good centering. Not sure what that would go for if it graded a 9 or 9.5, but raw it's about $15-$20

Also, PSA 10 is not easy to get. The centering alone on a few of them seems like it would prevent that unfortunately
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