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Default Reasonable time frames for responses?

Hey, like a lot of BO members, I work a typical 8-5. I also work behind a desk which affords me opportunities to check the site, make offers etc. well this after 3-5, I had an exceptionally busy afternoon and could t respond to a fellow member I offered a deal to. In the two hour span I couldn't reply this cat sent me 5 messages like a needy jealous girl friend. First he passed on my deal, which is all good, then he offered a trade, then he accepted, then he demanded a response, then took my no reply as I changed my mind. Ugh...

Anyway that story was more for entertainment. But in all seriousness what's reasonable response time? I am not the best checker of of PMs only because I am not wired in 24/7. Thanks gents

Apologies if this is the wrong board.

PS: he apologized which was nice
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If youre working on a deal a timely response is necessary. Or atleast a heads up that you are at work and may be delayed.
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