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Default SCN NEWSLETTER: WEEK of 01/18-01/22 Releases


New This week:
4 new products this week. 2010 Wheels Elements will be the first product with Danica and also $25 and $100 Cash vouchers inside the boxes. Should be an interesting concept and should sell well based on recent Press Pass racing releases. 2009/10 UD SPX HK should also be a consistant seller especially with the Rookie Auto Patches of Tavares. With UD 1, Artifacts and Black Diamond all well over factory cost, SPX HK should make a nice run higher. The main focus this week is on the Rookie based products. 2010 UD USA Team Baseball sets are Loaded. With 7 Auto's per Box and all the Hype around Bryce Harper, this product has a much better price point than last year at about 1/2 the direct cost. Early auctions show Harpers Auto Patches going for $600-$1000+. Anytime you have 1 card that can sell for over the Case price, the product will do well. There should be alot of other players coming out of this set also over the next few years. There are only 650 cases made. This would be an extremely small number for a $2000+ case but for a Case that costs less than $700 direct, these will dissapear quickly. Put a case away and see what comes out of it years from now.
2009 Donruss Elite Extra Edition Baseball is what you call "Bang for your Buck". Panini loaded every box with at least 6 AUTOS and Hot Boxes will contain 10 AUTOS ! Tons of parallels, Die cuts, Patches. There are so many elements in this break that have value. This product will continue to move higher.

A few things we are hearing. UD has announced they are sold out of 2009 UD Ultimate Collection BB and 2010 UD Series 1 BB at the factory. UD will have a National pack promotion on Sat. March 6th. Strasburg will headline the Autos in 2010 Bowman BB. Aroldis Chapman from Cuba already has Autos in 2009 Elite Extra. Also watch out for many of the Base Rookies in Elite extra that are #'dd to 99. If any of them get HOT, those cards will be the most sought after around. Panini released The Souvenir Cuts Checklist along with print runs for Elite Extra BB and Contenders College Tickets SP's. UD has made plans to produce 2010 Baseball products that are not licensed by MLB but collectors will deterimine the true value or collectability. Those products start with 2010 SPX, SP Authentic and Goudey. Imagine if the UD products sell better than the Topps Licensed products in 2010. That could open up a whole new can of worms with Manufacturers not needed a league license to produce cards. It would also open up the playing field for any small company to produce trading cards. It all comes down to the collectors and what you decide to purchase. That's where the power lies. Pierre garcon Rookies in 2008 are on the move higher. 2010 Topps National Chicle Baseball could be a surprise release with upside based on the painting card concept and fresh new ideas that remind us of the original A & G BB and T-206 releases. The Industry Trade summit is planned for April 11-24th in Las Vegas. This replaces the Hawaii Trade show. There are already a few 2010 Topps Variations noted as the early breaks start to roll in. The Hobby version is live this week and Jumbos are pushed back til next week. Makes you wonder is Jumbos will have some sort of added twist. Everything we discussed can also be found in full depth articles on our homepage along with all the Market report Breakdowns. Market Reports, Card Values, and the Hottest Auctions Online today.

Products on the move higher:
2009 Topps Tribute BB, 2009 Topps UFC series 2, 2008 Donruss Elite Extra Ed BB, 2009 Bowman Draft Picks BB, 2008 Donruss Threads BB, 2008 UD SP Authentic BB, 2007 UD SP Legendary Cuts BB, 2009 Topps Triple Threads BB, 2009/10 Panini Limited bskt, 2009/10 UD Artifacts HK, 2007 UD Sweet Spot Classic BB, 2009/10 UD Black Diamond HK,2009/10 Bowman 48 bskt..

That's it for this week.

This week at SCN, we have reviewed the following products. Our goal is to give you the most up to date web site for market conditions and information in the HOBBY!

2010 Upper Deck USA Baseball
2010 Press Pass Wheels Element Racing
2009/10 UD SPX Hockey
2009 Donruss Elite Extra Edition Baseball

Looking into NEXT WEEK, the following products are Tentatively Scheduled to be Reviewed:

Yugioh Duelist Pack Yusei 2 Booster
2009 Topps National Chicle Football
2010 Topps Series 1 Baseball Hobby
WWE Slam Attax Evolution Trading Card Game Booster & Starter
2009 Playoff National Treasures Football
2010 Rittenhouse LOST Trading Cards
2009 Topps Sterling Baseball
2009 UD Signature Stars Baseball
2009/10 ITG Heroes & Prospects Hockey
2009 UD Ultimate Collection Baseball

SCN is your Source for Immediate Sportscard Information. When a player gets HOT or when a

Product JUMPS in value, SCN will showcase all the Auctions so that YOU the collector will have

all the information available within seconds.

Stay tuned for more announcements !

-The Staff at SCN

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