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Default RB advice for 12th pick in 14 team league

Typically the RBs available at this spot, through the yahoo mock drafts, have been, T. Richardson, S. Jackson, S. Ridley, C. Johnson, Matt Forte, MJD, A. Morris (Sometimes).

I need some input on the two guys I should target, I've crossed off Jackson and C. Johnson (Jackson doesn't put up numbers and C. Johnson is not going to get a lot of carries inside the 10). I'm stuck between Richardson, Ridley, Forte, MJD being their most of the time, if Morris is there I'll take him hands down.

I considered drafting Dez Bryant or AJ Green and then getting a RB when it snakes back to me.

Any thoughts?

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I'd take Dez and then get the best remaining rb off your list on the way back. I wouldn't take the chance of missing out on the top 3 wr's. If you take say Trent and on the way back Dez and A.J. are gone that's going to suck. It would be better to grab Dez and get Forte or MJD on the way back.
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If its a standard scoring league I'm taking Trent all the way, then Morris on the snake back. Then go best available WR/TE/QB when the snake comes back for rounds 3-4.
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Old 08-27-2013, 04:22 PM   #4
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I would think forte will have the better year but and snagging a top wr on the way back or top wr then forte whichever you want
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Forte in the 1st and yep I'm saying this Deangelo in the 2nd (Jstew is on the pup list now)
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