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Default 12 Team, Yahoo Keeper (with 2 IDP) $50 looking for members.

How's it going everyone? I have been thinking about doing one of these for a few years and I know that I am a little bit late this year, but decided to see if anyone would be interested in a slightly modified scoring (added penalties to kickers), Yahoo fantasy, 1 QB, 2 WR, 1 Flex, 1 TE, 2 IDP, K, 6 bench player $50 three-person keeper modified. You must keep 1 IDP and two players not drafted in the top three rounds. You will forfeit next years draft pick +2 rounds for your keepers (for example, this year you draft Christine Michael in the 13th, to keep him you forfeit next year's 11th round draft choice, the following year you will forfeit your 9th, and so forth). This is a little bit more intensive as IDP means people will have to pay more attention. Unfortunately, because it holiday weekend, the only decent available time is tomorrow night at 430 Pacific, so that's when the draft is. I would really, really like to get a 12 team league going as I just don't find as much fun with 8 and 10 teams. This league will be open to everyone (and is posted on FCB), and payment is required before the draft. Here is the breakdown:

1 QB (Touchdown = 4 Points, Interception -1, 25 Yards 1 Point)
2 RB (TD 6 Points, Rush Yards 1 point/10 yards)
2 WR (TD 6 Points, Receiving Yards 1 point/10 yards)
1 TE (TD 6 Points, Rush/Receving Yards 1 point/10 yards)
1 Flex (TD 6 Points, Rush/Receiving Yards 1 point/10 yards
1 K (FG 0-19 1 point make -2 miss, 20-29 2 point make -1, 30-39 3 point make, 40-49 4 point make, 50+ 5 point make, PAT 1 point make -6 miss) -This is something I've always wanted to do just to ensure people actually take this spot seriously.
2 IDP (Solo Tackle 1 point, Sack 2 points, Interception 3 points, Defensive Touchdown 6 points)

Payoout Breakdown:

Division winners (3 x 4 people) $50
Highest Total points $50
Champion $250
2nd $200
3rd $150

If you are interested send me a message, thanks a lot!
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