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Default 2010 Creative Cardboard Ringside Boxing Round 1

We have listed the product information below. Please post any BOX Breaks, YOUTUBE Videos, or comments related to this product. Our goal is to compile all of the information for this product on this THREAD so that members can come to one place to view all of the Breaks and Information.

Please click the links below to purchase this product by the Box or Case





Creative Cardboard Ringside Boxing Round 1

“Ringside Boxing – Round One is the best thing that happened to boxing since boxing gloves” – Angelo Dundee

Round One Base Cards
There will be two parallel versions of each Ringside Boxing – Round Onebase card.

Base Card

In My Corner - Base Card Subset

Tale of Tape – Base Card Subset

Victorious – Base Card Subset

Weigh In – Base Card Subset

Hard Signed Autographs

There will be silver and gold versions of all the hard-signed Ringside Boxing – Round One autograph cards.

Jake LaMotta Autograph

Mike Tyson Autograph

Fight-Worn Memorabilia
Fight-Worn Memorabilia Inserts Include: Single Memorabilia, Double Memorabilia, Decades, Triple Memorabilia, Quad Memorabilia, For Your Country, In My Corner, Hometown Hero, King Size Memorabilia, AutoThreads.
There will be both a silver and gold 1/1 version of many of the Fight-Worn Memorabilia Inserts. Look for legendary Cut Signatures, Ringside Seat Authentic Fight tickets and 1/1 Ringside Logo Cards.

Ray Mancini Single Memorabilia

Ringside Turkey Red Inserts
There will be two parallel versions of each card Turkey Red Insert.

Hurricane Carter - Turkey Red Insert

Vinny Paz - Turkey Red Insert

Ringside Boxing – Round One available in May 2010!

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In This Issue Ringside Boxing - Round One About Creative Cardboard Concepts Distribution Inc. Products Famous Fabrics™
Ringside Boxing
Famous Faces™ Canadiana

Quick Links Our Blog
More About Us
Become A Dealer

Ringside Boxing - Round One
"Let's Get Ready To Collect"

Ringside Boxing - Round One will float like a butterfly and sting like a bee. Why? Because it contains cards of the greatest boxer of all time, a worldwide icon, Muhammad Ali.

Ali makes his greatest comeback in Ringside Boxing - Round One with limited edition base cards, inserts and hard-signed autograph cards.

Ringside Boxing - Round One will come in two versions. The KO Version and the TKO Version. Contact your local distributor for configurations and pricing.

Both versions contain Ringside Base cards, Mecca Turkey Red Insert cards, Authentic Fight-Worn Memorabilia cards and hard-signed Autograph cards.

There are five different subsets in the 10-card Base card set; Regular base, Victorious, In My Corner (text written by Angelo Dundee), Weigh In and Tale of the Tape.

Fight worn memorabilia inserts include; In My Corner, For Your Country, Hometown Hero, Decades, Quad Memorabilia and many more.

The 90-card Mecca Turkey Red Insert set includes; Sugar Ray Robinson, Rocky Marciano, Sonny Liston, Roy Jones Jr., Mike Tyson, Joe Frazier, Jake LaMotta and many more.

To put this product over the top it contains hard-signed autographs of some of the greatest fighters of all-time including; Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, Lennox Lewis, Roy Jones Jr., Joe Frazier, Vinny Paz, Jake LaMotta, Carlos Ortiz, Chad Dawson and many more.

Ringside Boxing - Round One
Manufactured by Sport Kings LP
Coming This Spring

About Creative Cardboard Concepts Creative Cardboard Concepts Distribution Inc. is a specialized distribution company in the trading card business. Our company will serve as exclusive distributors for both sport card products and non-sport card products. Currently, we serve as the exclusive distributors for In The Game, Sportkings, Ringside Boxing, Famous Fabrics and Famous Faces - Canadiana.

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Historic Muhammad Ali Autographs to Grace New Boxing Set The Beckett Blog

None other than legendary boxing trainer Angelo Dundee called it “the best thing to happen to boxing since boxing gloves.” While that might be a little hyperbolic, Dundee’s point is a good one.
Clearly, the greatest thing about Ringside Boxing Round One – the first stand-alone boxing set since 1996 Ringside – is “The Greatest” himself: Muhammad Ali.
“If you want to make the best boxing product possible, you need to secure the services of the best boxer of all time,” wrote Dr. Brian Price – whose Sport Kings LP is producing Ringside – in a letter promoting the product. “I am pleased to announce that Muhammad Ali, the greatest boxer of all time, will be included in the product.”
Make no mistake: Price’s signing of “The Champ” is a bona fide history-maker. It will include Ali’s first autograph trading cards in 18 years. While Ali has been a frequent signer at shows in the past, his autographed trading cards are quite rare. His only other autographed card appeared in 1992 Pro Line Portraits and carries a current value of $500.

Ali also will be featured on base cards, insert cards and fight-used memorabilia cards. His presence alone is a huge sales point for the product and will undeniably help Ringside instantly appeal to a mainstream sports audience that has grown increasingly disenchanted with boxing.
Indeed, the sweet science doesn’t seem nearly as sweet as it used to, what with the continued proliferation and popularization of mixed martial arts nigh upon us.
But a trading card set devoted exclusively to the greatest pugilistic practitioners of all time? Well, that can still be really sweet. Judging not on a 10-point must system but from preliminary product details, it appears that Price will have a hit on his hands when Ringside releases in early June. The product represents a super-premium step up from anything that’s been done before, collectibles-wise, in the boxing arena.
Ali will be joined on the checklist by the likes of Lennox Lewis, Roy Jones Jr., Joe Frazier, Hector Camacho, Mike Tyson, Ray Mancini and Jake LaMotta to create a unique trading card experience not at all short on rich boxing history.
There will be two versions of the product:
  • KO-version boxes will include two on-card autographs and either a fight-used memorabilia card or a 1/1 insert card in addition to 12 base cards and three Mecca Turkey Red insert cards. Gold and Onyx parallels of base cards and Mecca Turkey Red inserts will be KO-version exclusives.
  • The TKO version is a more traditional 10-box case that includes one autograph every two boxes, one memorabilia card every two boxes and at least one Mecca Turkey Red insert per box.
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