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Default Game worn v. Patch cards valuation question

Hi all,

I know that this isn't the most trafficked site for hockey cards out there but I did have a question; how can you compare costs of patch cards to those of actual game worn jerseys for hockey cards? I ask because I am a collector of both and have run into an unusual problem.

Very high end game worn jerseys can run from mid four figures to upper five figures so it makes total sense that if you want a piece of game worn jersey from Lemieux, Mikita or Gretzky you would want to buy a card. However, for the cost of a box or two of Panini Prime, you can find full game used jerseys of second line players. Yet you also see some of the Prime Colours cards from secondary players with "sick" patches going for the same amount. Is this just an issue of wanting a card versus a full jersey or is there something else there? Outside of the "ethical" argument about cutting up a historic jersey is this just a preference issue or is there something more? Any thoughts?
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Just the difference of bad Panini PR trying to pump value into a product that isn't really there.

As I've said before, Panini would love you to believe that each and every 20 cut cards from a logo is worth $200+ to justify the cost of the box making any crest logo worth $4000. Throw in that some of these jerseys are exhibition only and some of the glorious names (Falloon, etc.) and the value is even worse.

The product only targets super-collectors of players with the mentality of "gotta have each and every card" to pump sales numbers. The rest of the collecting world just rolls there eyes knowing full well they can go to MEI Gray and buy a full actual game-used jersey of lots of players for $300-$600.

IMHO, a "sick" patch card of a modern day player is 50-100 tops. If it's an exhibition jersey, a significant amount less than that. But that's just me and looking at the industry overall not just through the PR machine.
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