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Default Forum Newsletter - 2013 - 11/4

The (Only Slightly Late) October Newsletter!


Well, the holidays are upon us and all of us on the forum team and at Blowoutcards want to wish you and your family an awesome holiday season.

Keep Your Online Transactions Safe

There are always people out there who will try to take advantage of the holiday spirit. Here are a few ways to keep your transactions safe:

1. Never use Paypal Gift.
2. Ship with tracking on all packages and signature confirmation for transactions over $250.
3. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is.
4. Only trade with established members that you know and trust.

Special message from our mods:

We are really trying to cut down on any and all bullying on the forum - this especially includes insults (with and without profanity). Please do not use the forum to insult or bully other members - it really only makes you look bad.

While there are some really funny images and GIFs out there on the Internet, please do not post them in unrelated threads.

Remember, to report a post or a pm to a mod, just click the icon (bottom left in a post, top right in a pm). This will send a message to every mod. If you would prefer to contact someone directly, iluvfish2 and pskell02 will always try to help whenever they can.

The most commonly reported problems come from the B/S/T sections and include bumping, duplicate threads, and threads without prices. Sometimes threads must be deleted and we understand that this can be frustrating. Please refer to the B/S/T rules. We have also created these two threads to help you avoid any difficulties:

How to avoid thread bumping infractions
Why was my thread deleted?

Turkey Dance


We have added a new smilie to our forum this month. You can use this smilie by typing a colon then the word "turkey" followed by another colon (without spaces or parentheses).

Blowout's 2013 Bowman Draft 30 Case Player Auction

We are proud to offer our first ever auction. Blowout's 30 Case 2013 Bowman Player Draft Auction

Promotions and Giveaways!

Blowout Cards Promotions! (And Other FREE Giveaways!) - Blowout Cards Forums

TheFantasticStore, BlowoutTV, and On-Demand Box Breaks

Blowout's retail store, The Fantastic Store, offers on-demand box breaks as well as incredible deals on group breaks.

Checkout the website The Fantastic Store Beyond The Box. and follow them on twitter @afantasticstore.

BlowoutTV is run at The Fantastic Store during the day and at at night. You can also follow @blowouttv on twitter.

By email, to order boxes on-demand during the day or at night

What's up next?

Oh, I don't know... how about Black Friday? Details coming soon!
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