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Question Do you believe in MAGIC???

Does anyone know what these are worth??

Enjoy card collecting, trading and selling. If it is not fun, why do it.
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Do you check eBay for similar cards or check the fans checklist? I never followed or understand the game playing cards, but I know there are common and rares. Also powerful banned cards for tournaments that can have some value.
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Maybe 3-4 dollars. Sorry!
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Originally Posted by tnj0426 View Post
Does anyone know what these are worth??
Not worth very much at all, unfortunately.

The little "symbol" in the middle box on the right indicates the rarity by its color.

Black = Common
Grey/Silver = Uncommon
Gold = Rare
Orange/Bronze = Mythic Rare

A foil (aka "premium") version of a given card will be worth more, but the difference between a normal and foil version can vary remarkably given a near infinite number of factors.

So you have 1 common and 2 rares.

Older cards (say, 15+ years old, give or take) only have black symbols (or no symbol at all) and don't conform to this color pattern.

The best place to look up a card's value is at Magic The Gathering Strategy, News, Decks, Price Guide and an Online Card Store and type the name into the text box. The first one is obviously a bit harder being Japanese, but it's not worth much being a common that doesn't see play.
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