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Default 2013 Bowman Draft Pack Odds (for auction)

We will have at least 30 cases - 360 boxes - 8640 packs

(The last auction ended with 36 cases - 432 boxes - 10368 packs.)

All Silver Ice - 1 per box ~360
All Red Ice /25 - 1:372 packs ~23
All Purple Ice /10 & Black Ice 1/1
All Blue Wave Ref - 1-2 packs per case
All Red Wave Ref
All Silver Wave Ref
All Orange Wave Ref
All Black Wave Ref
All Blue Wave Autos
All Blue Paper /500 - 1:19 packs ~454
All Orange Paper /250 - 1:37 packs ~233
All Red Paper /5 & Black Paper 1/1 - ~4 or 5 red, ~1 black

All AFLAC, PG, UA autos - 1:619 ~14
All Blue Sapphire - no odds listed
All Bowman Black autos - 1:4706 ~1.8
All Bowman Scout Breakouts & autos - ref maybe 1:case, xfrac ~24
All Dual Draftees & autos - maybe 8640?
All Futures Game Relics - 1:589 ~14 plus color
All Futures of the Franchise Mini - 1:18 ~480 plus color
All Scout autos & MLB Draft Day - 1:270

Originally Posted by brentandbecca View Post
Well just got the odds and some other info.
I will be busting my least amount of Draft due to finishing Update and Chrome FB coming the following week, but looking at this just wears me out, lol. I have never seen so many parallels and parallels of inserts. I player collector nightmare is what Draft is lol.
I will post odds and other info here in about 30 minutes. Wednesday is gonna be a fun mess, lol.

Some notes...
There are many cards that are exclusive to hobby or exclusive to jumbo...
Blue wave packs appear to fall 1-2 every case, but no odds, and they are just regular packs, so they are mixed in with the regular packs and not distinguished from regular packs, and they contain blue waves, black waves, silver waves #/25, autos, and more apparently...
The Futures Insert are all Mini Chrome Refractors like the regular Bowman Cream of the Crop were
The REFRACTOR AUTOS are UN-numbered (they were numbered in regular Bowman and Chrome this year)...I know some don't like this, but 500 is a lot, and since Blue is next down at 99 leaves big gap, BUT this could mean some REF AUTOS are now SP like some Base autos are
And finally, The Bowman's Best of All-Time are not listed on packs

Sorry, but this is short-hand, and the first number listed is odds per HOBBY pack, the 2nd is per JUMBO pack
If n/a, they are not on wrapper and apparently not in that set up of packs
There is one thing not listed and that is BOWMAN SCOUT'S BREAKOUT DIE-CUT REFRACTORS which apparently are about 1 per case

Paper Blue 19-12
Org 37-24
Red 1860-1166
Blk 7850-na
PP 2320-1475
Silver Ice 24-6
Red Ice 372-233
Pur Ice 928-585
Org Ice na-180
Blk Ice 7850-na
Chr Ref 3-not listed (perhaps 1 per pack)
Blue Ref 93-60
Green Ref 124-77
Gold Ref 185-117
Blk Ref 224-na
Org Ref 372-232
Red Ref 1860-1170
Super 9300-5800
PP 2230-1465
Future Franch Mini Chr Insert 18-6
Blue Ref 272-172
Black Ref na-660
Red Ref 11570-na
Super 66078-47256
BS Auto 27081-17184
BS B.O. Insert 18-not listed (perhaps one per pack)
Die-Cut Ref (unnumbered, not on pack odds)
Die-Cut Xf 349-not listed
Super 40000-27000
Auto 12220-1990
Auto Atomic Ref 165200-na
MLB Draft Night Auto 35000-6300
Bowman Black Auto 4706-765
Chr Autos 35-6
Ref Autos (non-numbered) 132-21
Blue Ref 659-108
Green Ref 872-142
Gold Ref 1309-213
Blk Ref 1097-na
Org Ref 2615-426
Pur Ref 6555-1065
Red Ref 13065-2120
Super 63800-10500
PP 16356-2662
Bowman RC Auto (Puig) 38000-6700
Dual Draftees Insert 18-not listed (perhaps one per pack)
Auto 11700-1925
Red na-3950
Purple 17389-na
Black 165200-na
Future Game Relic 589-370
Red na-1130
Purple 4950-na
Black 48580-na
AFLAC/PG/UA/AA 619-389
MLB Draft Day Redemption 190000-190000
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Shipping rules, guidelines
Get notices for future breaks here
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