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Default What is your opinion on Youtube?

Hello everyone, I am still new to collecting on blowout, but I just wanted to get everyone's opinion on collecting through YouTube. What do you think about uploading box breaks, maildays and ft fs videos on youtube and about making deals on youtube.

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The only thing I know is that I don't like Vevo. Stop censoring my videos; this is America.
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I've been on YouTube for 3 years. It's been nice to put faces to usernames on forums. There are lots of different types of sports card youtubers though.
People that do box break videos
People that do fs/ft videos
People that do mail day videos
People that do mystery pack videos
People that do ttm videos
People that do vlog videos (set progress, pc updates, etc.)
YouTube is what you make it.
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Old 11-17-2013, 01:53 AM   #4
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hey atomic..i subbed to you =]
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There is a great community over there.......

Keys to Youtube:
1. Be yourself-Don't try to be like someone else, this is your channel not theirs
2. Be original-Get creative with your videos. The same thing over and over might not be too appealing to some people
3. Subscribe to people that make a lot of videos that get a lot of traffic-These are the people that you want to watch cause everyone else is watching them too. A lot of "name dropping" will happen from trades and giveaways so take note and try to follow them too
4. Don't worry about your subscribers-Don't worry they will come. No need to rush out and make a sub to me video for a prize.
5. Transact with the other YouTubers-Make some trades, buy some stuff, join some breaks, just do something where others are saying your name (this is how the Subs start coming in)
6. This is the most important- HAVE FUN, Youtube I would say has more collectors then dealers or sellers and that's their way of getting their stuff out to the world to see.

I hope this helps
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for card stuff on youtube i subscribe to chris at cardsinfinity & watch a lot of the nba breaks, especially the shorter ones, it helps you get the sensation of opening boxes without actually doing it & paying for it & for things like flawless & immaculate its very interesting watching those. if u wanna have videos of your own for box breaking & or offering up cards to trade & stuff, you can try it & see what kind of viewership & response you get.
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