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Default 3-23-2010 Mailweek, Red Sox Heroes PC & More!

Got a bunch of new cards for the Red Sox Heroes master set that I am building, and more goodies to go along with that. Had a failed sale on ebay and the guy tried to make up for it by sending me a bunch of freebies. I'd rather he just apologize and get over it, but things didn't work out. It made for a headache and a not so good ebay experience. Doesn't discourage me from buying on ebay though cause I know there are a bunch of great guys out there. One of them really helped me by accepting a low-ball offer for the Captured on Canvas Jersey of Brett Favre, and I got most of the way over the 70% part on my set. To see the football mailday with a whole ton of Jerseys, go to the football forum, and see my thread there.

Here is the Red Sox portion of the mailday. I will trade or buy any 2008 UD Heroes Red Sox cards #'D >200 that I need for the set. I will also pick up other lower-numbered cards if the price is right, otherwise I am sticking to cards #'D >200. You can check out my youtube video for the mailweek on my youtube (bnejie0000) where I think I will have a box break next week.

Here are the base cards I got that are not pictured. They are scanned if anyone wants to see a scan, but I am sure most of you aren't interested.

2008 Bowman #5 Daisuke Matsuzaka
2008 Bowman #181 Dustin Pedroia

and now on to the 2008 UD Heroes Cards. Here is the set completion card (There will be a video later on youtube. I completed the base Red Sox Team Set finally, and will pursue most if not all of the parallel sets and the Game Used Jersey set #"D >200.

#92 Jon Lester

Beige #19 Mike Lowell #'D 243/299

Black #20 Jason Varitek

Black #29 Daisuke Matsuzaka

Black #198 J. Papelbon/M. Ramirez/J. Varitek/D. Ortiz

Brown #92 Jon Lester #'D 076/149

Charcoal #20 Jason Varitek #'D 333/399 (#'D to the number of completion, ebay 1/1! )

Charcoal #28 Daisuke Matsuzaka #'D 178/399

Emerald #22 Manny Ramirez #'D 260/499

Emerald 27 Josh Beckett #'D 441/499

Red RC #29 Clay Buchholz #'D 050/249

and some other cards that my friend Darren threw in...Some not listed cards:

2008 UD Masterpieces
HOF #11 Carl Yastrzemski
#13 Curt Schilling
#14 Daisuke Matsuzaka

2009 Topps Turkey Red #TR36 Jacoby Ellsbury

and some not pictured cards:

2009 Upper Deck #48 Clay Buchholz
2009 Upper Deck League Leaders #431 D. Pedroia/D. Matsuzaka/J. Beckett

and I am really thinking of chasing this team set, the cards look beautiful:

2009 UD Goodwin Champions #3 Jon Lester

then some more non pictured cards:

2009 UD Goudey
#22 David Ortiz
#24 Josh Beckett
HOF #26 Bobby Doerr
#28 Daisuke Matsuzaka
#29 Jonathan Papelbon
#30 Kevin Youkilis

and a really neat card to round out the post. Thanks if you stuck in this long. Posting these on a rainy day makes the day go by a lot quicker and more interesting.

2009 UD Goudey 4-in-1 #35-48 D. Matsuzaka/J. Beckett/J. Masterson/J. Papelbon

I shall have a post of my 2010 Topps Heritage Hobby Box Break in the next half hour or so. So keep updated. Also keep posted for the football mailday. Catch you down the line....

all cards are listed as NFT/PC.

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Very very nice lot there!! Great way to add to your collection, and somewhat inexpensive I'm guessing? Jealous!!
I live overseas but my shipping address is considered domestic and is a confirmed Paypal address.
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Originally Posted by fiskaaron View Post
Very very nice lot there!! Great way to add to your collection, and somewhat inexpensive I'm guessing? Jealous!!
Thanks! I really enjoyed getting the package. I paid about $8.00 shipped for the entire lot of Red Sox cards minus a few that I bought off ebay. It was a great deal for all those base and parallels and it really helped me out with the Heroes Red Sox Master set of cards #'D >200.
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