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Arrow Just Moved to San Antonio

I just moved to San Antonio from Long Island, New York. I'm looking for any decent hobby shops or card shows. I mostly collect baseball prospects. I buy anything Bowman, from Inception to Platinum to Draft. Anything.

I've been to one store here so far, and I was amazed at how big of a selection they had, going back years. But pricewise, I'm not looking to spend 40% over what I was spending in New York. I can have my guys in New York send me boxes and pay less with shipping than at this store. I was getting one product for $50-$60, in New York. MAYBE $70 at most. They were looking for $95 for it. They did have comparable prices on some stuff, only a 10%-20% increase from prices back home or on blowout.

I'm just looking for somewhere that has a decent selection, with FAIR prices. I am willing to spend 10% more at a hobby shop. That's usually $5-$7, maybe $10, more per box. At least for the stuff I'm looking at.

ALSO, if anyone's in the San Antonio area and you are a baseball fan... I moved here because I got a job with the San Antonio Missions!! So PM me and I can get you some good prices, (possibly even complementary) tickets.
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sorry to read this so late.. just posted about some shops in san antonio in another thread so i am going to do a copy/paste..

and remember... everything is bigger in texas.. including the price tag! lmao

i dont live in san antonio, but i live close. i know of 2 open card shops. One in north central sa and one on the north east side. Both are good guys.

Sports Cards Plus - 2239 Lockhill-Selma - Charlie - Considered a bit expensive, but lately charlie is starting to deal. Tell him robert from laredo sent ya! (might make it worse? LOL)

Whats on Second - 4177 Naco Perrin - Bruce - Easy Going, will keep ya there all day talking sports and is easy to make a deal with. I spent 4-5 hours talking and looking (and buying) one time til i had to go get someone from the airport... if not i woulda stayed til he closed.. lol

Both have large inventories. Charlie has more newer stuff and bruce has alot of vintage as well as $1 jersey cards (if it matters to you). Both have "hot boxes" which i dont buy, but i remember someone pulling a jordan while i was there that was supposedly expensive..

Ted from Tedz Collectibles closer to downtown closed and decided to do auctions. He was super cool. Wish his shop would open back up, but the last time i passed by, it was storage for auction items. You can check him out at 2337 Vance Jackson. I believe his auctions are every saturday at some hotel CLOSE TO DOWNTOWN :-P

good luck!
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