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Default Need help ordering Magic and Yugioh Wax

I am opening a shop in a couple weeks. I have everything ordered or in expect for the Magic and Yugioh wax that I will be carrying.

I am going to place the order today, can you all either let me know the brands I should carry.
What you think the common customer would like to see

My goal is to only carry the essentials for the first 3 months, problem is I don't know what the essentials are.

Thanks in advance
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Anything from the Return to Ravnica and newer.

I would carry the newer block heavily, Theros and especially Born of the Gods.
Unless you are doing a ton of tournaments of standard or older stuff there's no need to go heavy on older magic.

Just my 2 cents...I don't play but I "invest" in it so I kind of know what's going on. I know there's a guy in the comics forum who opened up his own comic store and carries magic but I can't remember his username.
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