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Get To Know Your Group Break Hosts Each host has an opportunity to post a thread about themselves, their breaks, and why you should join their breaks. You can also post to join their PM list to get a PM every time they host a new break.

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Default tajikey

About Me
Name: Matt Barcellos
Location: Sunny Visalia, CA
Age: 32
Hobbies: Sports cards, long walks on the beach, cuddling with Corbin and going to baseball games with my son
Favorite Sport: College Football
Favorite Team: Seattle Mariners
PC: Mike Zunino and HoF TTM PSA Authentic Autographs
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Rite Aid Black Cherry

My Credentials
Been breaking ever since the Site has allowed me to, which is about 2 years. In that time, I've hosted 9 or 10 breaks, including Bowman Draft, Bowman Inception, Topps Chrome, Topps Strata, Topps US Olympics and Panini Prizm Soccer
- eBay Feedback
- iTrader
- UStream Channel

Why You Should Join My Break
I'm fun, fresh, sort of have a sense of humor and handle your valuable cards as I would my own. I sort and ship REALLY fast, and sometimes have guest appearances from those that help me sort, including Marklar and my wife (though, she will do everything in her power not to be caught on camera).

What I Do Differently
Not much. The breakers on this Site are incredible at what they do. I am just honored to be included in this group of wonderful and trustworthy individuals.

My Specialties
Baseball and football are my strong points, but I have been known to host any type of product that will fill (Soccer and US Olympics, to name a couple). The type of break doesn't matter, whether it's player, hit or team draft; player, hit or team random, or whatever other type of format there is or could be.

Question for Everyone
Do you want a notice by pm everytime I post or host a break?

Chaysr20 ; Ajax1723 ; rob11nats ; ChasescardCave ; myphillies05

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Just saw this section of the forum.

Matt does a great job in the breaks. He is always helpful and keeps everything updated quickly.
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Send a message via Yahoo to vetspts

I believe I was in his first break, and participated in a few along the way. He is a professional and Gentleman at the same time. Rare to find both. We have exchanged ideas, friendly chat, etc... but when it boils down to the basics... you can trust him to look out for everyone involved in his breaks.

He was even considerate with one of his breaks when I was transitioning from the Army for my retirement, which involved my move from Germany to the states and limited net access as I got on my feet. He might not be the biggest breaker, but he has my backing anytime.
Ebay Feedback nearing 6000+ (100%), for those concerned with my low iTrader score.

Check out my weekly ebay breaks!
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We'll miss you.
1st superfractor hit by RK Collectibles. 2014 Bowman Chrome Mini BB Chris Kohler.
"What do we want?"
"Time travel."
"And when do we want it?"
"It's irrelevant."
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