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Default would you rather?

Hello everyone. I am about to place an order here with BO, just wanted to know what you guys would ratehr have...I am still a newbie at collecting.

1 box JUMBO bowman & 2 boxes Jumbo topps series 2


2 boxes JUMBO bowman?

thanks guys..

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It all depends on what you like. Personally I'd rather chase the Chrome Auto RC, but some like all the Pie in the Face SPs, jersey cards etc..... Take a look at other box breaks and go w/ your gut. Good luck.
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As the post above says, go with what personally appeals to you more; Topps 2 and Bowman are two VERY different products. Myself, I'd go with the Bowman Jumbos just because they seem like a blast to open, plus I find it interesting to follow the younger players as they advance through their careers.

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I agree with above...really depends on what you want.

Bowman is very much about the chrome and/or parallels and tends to be more of a prospecting product

Topps is more of a set builders product with lesser hits, but now with the variations, those are what sell really well right out of the gate. You will get the same rookies, but the value on their cards will be much lower. Since you said jumbos I'd really say it would depend if you want the 4th of July relics and/or the redemption cards.
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