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Default buy/sell/trade Reminder

Pat in your buy/sell/trade you state : Always include a price in your thread. If you're buying or selling, you MUST include a price. Pictures are always helpful.

Very few even read the rules, they are to busy posting.

Would it help if you had a box with in the new post thread that poster must check if they are selling or buying .? it would be like a reminder to list a price .
So that they have to post a price and the post will not activate until they check box.... its just a reminder to the poster that they have to list a price.
Realizing they could just check box and NOT price.

Just trying to make this a better board..

Looking for Andrew Luck,RG3 and RUSSELL WILSON
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Hi Peter,

I agree that getting people to read rules is pretty difficult (not only in forums, but in real life too!) The checkbox option would be nice, but just not probable right now with the things I need to do here outside the forum. I stickied the new rules in each separate forum so that the rules are a bit more visible, but it will take time for our members to notice and read them. You can always click on the "report post" icon or just pm me and I will see the reason and will post a reply to the person who isn't following the rules and guidelines. Or feel free to post a friendly reminder yourself if you have time (and for those type A ppl who read the rules, it may be frustrating that many aren't reading the rules, but please keep that reminder Friendly Slowly but surely the majority of members will soon be aware of the new b/s/t rules and guidelines).


ps. thanks for posting suggestions...I can't make everyone happy, but I'll keep things in mind as we make some changes to make this forum a better place.

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