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Default Thinking about getting a table at a show. Tips needed please.

There are a few shows in the upcoming weeks that are within a short drive from me. I'm thinking about getting a table to try to unload some stuff that isn't worth the trouble to list on ebay (GU's, parallels, inserts, low dollar autos, rookies, etc).

I haven't even been to show in about five years, let alone sell at one, and I would like a little advice. I remember reading a thread on here awhile back (I couldn't find it again when I searched today) that the best sellers are team sets and player lots, and that $1 and quarter boxes are very popular. Is that the case most of the time? How should I organize everything (by player, team, sport, etc?)

I was thinking that I could put the higher-dollar stuff in display cases, and then have a few different boxes set up (a .25 box, a $1 box, and maybe a $5 box). I could also package up some team sets/player sets for the local/popular teams (Chargers, Raiders, 49ers, Dodgers, Angels, Giants, A's, Lakers, etc) and sell those for $2-$5 apiece.

I'm looking for tips on organization, selling suggestions, needed supplies - basically any suggestions you guys can offer would be very much appreciated.

Also, how large/diverse of inventory should I bring?

Thanks all.
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You want this post, right here...
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Originally Posted by nabzy28 View Post
That isn't the one I was thinking about, but it's just as good. Thank you so much.
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This might be the thread...thankfully I subscribed to it as I'd of never found it otherwise since its in the wrong forum.
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