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Default Stupid pricing question

When using BV as a price point, is it generally accepted to use the price in the HI column? I'm trying to set up for a show and I want to price my stuff at 50% of BV, but should I be using the high or low column?
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Moved to the right area

Every dealer I know uses high book as their basis. I try to use that and/or ebay for my selling prices.
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For the lot I just put on, I use high BV and go from that number.

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Buyers want to pay nothing and sellers want to charge everything.

People are stupid and lazy so your best bet is to use Beckett Hi Value and make down from there.

Obviously if you have hot cards you may want to give a lower % off or raise the price.

It really depends on what you are selling.

Last time I sold at a show I only had about 100 cards with prices on them.

All others were $2 or 6 for $10, $1 or 6 for $5 and my quarter box.

Good Luck
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Definitely use high book for reference.

My general observation is that a lot of collectors are thrown off by mathematics, and even a simple calculation like 50%, 75% or 90% off guide will make them like a deer in the headlights.

At a show, you're better off if you have boxes of stuff where everything is the same price - a quarter box, a dollar box, a $3 box, etc, with some easy way to figure out the difference in case stuff gets shuffled around. (Different colored dot stickers, or different types of card holders for example).

Percent off guide will work best for a few high dollar cards in a glass case, or if you are fastidious about having everything perfectly sorted, so that if someone asks you for a certain card, you can pull it right out and then it becomes a question of price.
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