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Old 08-19-2010, 12:50 PM   #1
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Default asking/suggesting that Blowout carries a product

Where/how does one go about making a request that Blowout look into selling a certain product.

First, I think it's a shame that a set of trading cards celebrating the greatest of The Greatest Generation, is not being printed in the US:
My thread on the topic:
Publishers website:

Still, bully to iCardz for doing it, rather than no one. Thanks iCardz

It took way too long for me to make the obvious connection between the difficulty me, Magicman32, and others are having in finding these cards, and the lack of US distributors.

I thought it was simply a matter of being too niche of a market, until I found out an overseas dealer is selling boxes for about 70% off retail and making enough money to have ordered FIFTY more boxes It seems terribly convoluted that it is cheaper for me to buy a product printed in Canada, from a dealer in Europe with expensive shipping.

That this dealer can sell for this price makes me wonder how much of a discount retailers are getting on the product in bulk.

Anyway, long rant aside, is there a way to ask Blowout to look at getting a particular product in stock, preferably, of course, to sell it for less than the almost $90 the publisher is asking per box?

I understand that Blowout has to make money on these, so is there a way they can try some of the product and see how well it does? If iCardz sells out of this, we are that much closer to The Pacific, and more amazing WW2 sets.

And really, although I love sports, and sci-fi, and other things as much as the next guy, what is more important than real-life heroes?

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I'd love it if Blowout carried this product. Looks like a great set, and the Band of Brothers autos are pretty cool, too.
Collecting Jockey autos and Louisville players auto/gu in Cardinals uniforms!

For the time being I can only commit to getting to the post office on Saturdays, so it may take me longer to ship.
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Old 08-20-2010, 01:19 AM   #3
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Yup, I would get some more if the product wasn't so expensive to get.
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