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Default Dustin Keller or Tony Gonzalez? heck, plenty other questions

i have them both AND todd heap actually lol

Keller plays Bills this week while Gonzalez plays SF i think... who should i start?

while im at it, anyone with 2 cents, please share... sanchez or henne? cedric benson or portis? janikowski as the kicker or nate kaeding? saints D or eagles D? and how come MJD is AWFUL as my #1 pick (3rd pick overall)
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I'd be starting Keller if it were me. But nothing wrong with Gonzalez either (excpect the 49ers D is much much better than the Bills so the matchup goes to Keller - who did great last week).

I'd go Henne (Jets still inconsistent - wouldnt want to risk to Jets right now).

Portis may not be a bad play this week. Skins might pull off the win, but you know Benson will get carries.

Even on kicker?

Saints could be playing Better, but think I'd go that route over the eagles right now (think the Lions scored to many points last weekend).

As for MJD...Its early...just gotta shug it off for now. A few years back I took Brady..he took what 2 snaps all year.
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