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Default First ever complete rainbow

Today I got in the final piece of my first ever rainbow, so needless to say I'm pretty excited. I've always wanted to build a rainbow but 1/1's can get quite pricey. Thankfully, a couple months ago in a birthday box of 2015 Toppa Field Access, I pulled the red Agholor auto, which is a 1/1. I thought it was out of 5 so seeing that it was a 1/1 was pretty exciting. I landed the base auto quickly and the gold auto shortly after. I actually missed on the a different purple because I got caught up doing school work and missed the auction. Also with a ton of this product created and not a lot busted, I was worried I would never see another purple. I then landed the printing plate auto off of Twitter and then the purple. The green just came in today so here it is


The gold is out of 99, green out of 50, purple out of 25 and the plate and red are 1/1.

Thanks for the look! I'm not an eagles fan ever but this will always stay in the PC
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Nice! Congrats on the rainbow!
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Congratulations! Keep collecting.

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Very nice rainbow!
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