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Default some good and some bad pulls today

so i was doing father son day with the kids and we went to frank and sons (i needed something to do with them that wouldn't be an all day affair because my back is still in recovery from my fusion).

so i dont want to do a full box break on the forum because i am laying down icing my back so i will just ramble some.

so quick like.

1 hta box of 07 bowman wow this was bad and dont want to say much more.

1 box 07 topps chrome (i just love the chrome) also nothing good but i need to finish my set and i will still need to get at least 2 more boxes just not all at once so i don't feel reemed.

1 07 elements box not to bad, zimmerman clear cut auto/mem, and a zimmerman dual mem, and 2 others not mentionable. but i also need to set build this and it is a slow proccess.

i got 2 boxes of 03 standing o which i never opened but this was more for the boys and i wasn't impressed but the guy at the booth gave me the 2 boxes and a box of the topps trading card history promo packs for $25 and i can't resist older packs for low prices.

and to that affect $20 in 50 cent packs: some 96 topps laser i really like these they were rather unique as a whole design and not just as inserts but i got some cool looking ripkens and jeters that i am very happy with, then there was some 96 fleer metal again i like the looks but nothing great, there was also some older 99 dimagio ud pinstripes box insert packs and then 8 packs of 99 ud retro which i thought was ok and i pulled a ivan rodriguez auto out of it which was soooo unexpected. so these went from good to better and now i have my oldest auto.

but the last was a box of 07 ud sp authentic. i have never opened this before and i wanted something different wise of the autos and gu, and i don't have any letters so i thought why not.
at first i was nervous because of the glen perkins letter. then my wife opened the alex gordon letter and i felt much better then she starts to read off a redemtion and i figured it was something small and it was a full name rookie redemtion of devern hansack i don't know much of this guy but that he plays for the red socks. but i tell you this box made up for the rest (it just works out that way sometimes). now i will have to get another box so i can do a set build.

funny thing i need to stop opening and just let my wife do all the opening because if you have read any other of my posts when i bust a box on my own i get shorted inserts and when she busts with me even if she opens just one pack she pulls the box saver.

well i have done it again, i lay down to ice my back and just start to rant. (meds do that to you).well thats it for now.
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Great Pull on the full name redemption, wish my case had one

I've got a box of Elements base here at the house, if you get started on that shoot me a PM...I'll gladly trade mine off.
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