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Default Shipping question.. Please help....

Hey guys... I need to clear some space in my house (so I can buy more crap of course). I am selling boxes of 3200 cnt cards... dont really care what I get out of them.

Does anyone know what it actually costs USPS to send a full 3200 count monster box full of cards?

I want to ask a fair price for shipping. I anticipate the actual auctions will bring little money and I just want to make sure I am not having to pay people to take the cards.... Id just throw them away rather than lose money.
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I would consider breaking the 3200 ct. box into smaller boxes and shipping them in Flat Rate Priority Boxes. Might save you some money that way.
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3200 CT fits in a med flat rate box no? For "base" lots flat rate is the way to go is your using USPS. At times can be cheaper to use FedEx or UPS. I know typically I figure its about 25 bucks to ship a 5000 ct box. Before I'd try shipping them, I'd be trying locally through craigslist (or forums) as the shipping will kill any $$ back on the lots.

Assuming your in Moline, IL, to far for me to drive and come get them, but depending on how many I'm close enough to possible be the same shipping zone which might make it worth it for me to get them (and Tony if you read this, I still need to get back with you).
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Old 01-13-2011, 11:28 AM   #4
Join Date: Jun 2010
Location: Moline
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Thanks for the replies fellas.... It is just for base lots. I have probably 10- 3200 count boxes I need to sell. I am going to take a pic.... list a BRIEF descript about whats contained and send em on down the line. I want to make a little money but not expecting much at all. I dont think these would fit in any of the PO boxes.

Anyone else ever shipped one of these?
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