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Default Weekly Update (8/15/2008)


NEW Feature at SCN!
Write your own comments on our Market Reports to share with your fellow SCN Members. At the bottom of each Market Report is a place to post your thoughts on that Report, or comment on another Member's. Give it a try today!

Heres whats going on in the Market this week:
A few good releases and 1 great release! Lets start with 2008 Bowman Chrome Baseball. A pure hands down winner every year. Prices normally start out in the $675-$750 range every year on the presell and continue to move up in the months after release. We thinks this product will continue to move up as the breakers eat into the early supply. We are not experts in player potential or checklists but like many bowman chrome products, it takes years for the true potenial to hit its peak. Look for more upside on this one. 2008 UD SPX FB looks like a solid product. Early high end FB tends to sell well after the initial supply fades and the FB market this year looks very strong. Not necessarily the rookie class in 2008 (Which is yet to be determined) but the overall FB market never took a off season dip. It has been continually strong and looks like we will see a strong surge into FB products in the next 30 days as we approach the season. 2007/08 Chronology looks like the tail end of the A list auto products. At $200 a Box, we think this one gets lost in the shuffle and collectors will still prefer exquisite for the extra cost.

Here's the rest of the market:
Strong surge in 2008 UD Draft Edition FB this week. Product is dry all around. 2007 SP Authentic FB on the rise also. 2008 Topps FB hobby and Jumbos on the rise. 2008 UD Goudey BB on the rise next week. 2008 Bowman BB Hobby and Jumbos are through the roof. We also feel the following will move higher: 2007 Bowman Chrome FB, 2007/08 UD Exquisite bskt, 07/08 Topps Trademark Moves bskt, 07/08 UD the Cup HK. 07/08 Exquisite bskt and CUP HK are still very strong. Lots of buzz around the new Razor Cut Signature Oval Office edition product due out next month. With only 99 packs produced, its the smallest print run by far of any release to date and the potential for some $10K + hits according to razor. A few other product presells that have perked interest are 2008 TOPPS HERITAGE HIGH NUMBER EDITION BASEBALL- Anytime you make a Topps heritage line, it will have a following. 2008 Topps Sterling Baseball with its new price point and upgraded player box content. 2008 Topps Chrome Football with a huge amount of interest and track record of moving up in price after release. Same can be said for 2008 Bowman Chrome Football. 2008/09 UD Black Hockey-very allocated and small production numbers. Also 2008/09 UD 1 HK and 2008/09 UD Artifacts HK always seem to start off strong as they are early season releases.

We have updated the website at Sport Card Nation (Powered by CubeCart) with a ton of new Product and Manufacturer updates this week.Thats it for this week. Check out our reviews this week and please email us if you have any suggestions.

2008 Press Pass ELVIS "BY THE NUMBERS"
2008 UD SPX Football

Looking into NEXT WEEK, the following products are Tentatively Scheduled to be Reviewed:

08/19/08 2008 UD Rookie Exclusive Football
08/19/08 2008 Yugioh Tins Series 1
08/20/08 2008 SCORE FOOTBALL Hobby, Jumbos, Racks
09/20/08 2008 UD Rookie Premier FB Sets
08/20/08 2008 Topps Chrome Football

SCN is your Source for Immediate Sportscard Information. When a player gets HOT or when a Product JUMPS in value, SCN will showcase all the Auctions so that YOU the collector will have all the information available within seconds.

Stay tuned for more announcements !

-The Staff at SCN

Most Watched @ Ebay!

08 Triple Threads Presidential Cut Auto 1/1 Kennedy JFK


2007-08 Exquisite LeBron James Patch Auto #'d 23/23


2001 SP Authentic SOTT Gold Tiger Woods Auto BGS 9.5

2003 Netpro Jersey Auto ROGER FEDERER #/25 PSA 10 RC
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who the hell is sports by keith and why is it when i click on that link in the SCN report it redirects me to his site THEN my Norton's anti virus starts getting hit with attacks?
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Originally Posted by CaptainBOHICA View Post
who the hell is sports by keith and why is it when i click on that link in the SCN report it redirects me to his site THEN my Norton's anti virus starts getting hit with attacks?
They heard ya talkin' crap about them
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weird. but if you go directly to scn from your browser url line, its all good.
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I know that these weekly updates can be kind of helpful but come on people..... Every product is not a winner or a future winner. Whoever writes this report sounds as though they work for the companies bringing out the cards. 2008 Bowman Chrome is a HUGE flop and even though it may one day reach higher leveles than it is now (we all know it only takes one super hot Rc to drive prices) the overall breaks are just to miss or miss. They cranked the presses higher than ever which means pulling 50 Veteran Refs per case and that is just too hard to swallow.
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