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Default 6 box break of Razor Ink Archives

I love the Razor Ink products, when BO used to have the Vault boxes on their weekend specials, I would buy a couple of boxes each week or two. They haven't been on special lately, so I had to get some boxes when they were on the Memorial weekend specials. Initiallly ordered 4 boxes, then put in another order for 2 more.

Box 1
Charmed Destiny - Rebecca Balding auto as Elise
Supernatural S1 - Dan Butler auto as Rev. Sorenson
Lost S2 - Josh Randall auto as Nathan
Jericho S1 - Erik Knudsen auto as Dale Turner
Looney Tunes - Brendan Fraser auto DJ Drake

Box 2
Smallville S1 - John Schneider auto as Jonathan Kent
Lost S3 - Michael Bowen auto as Danny Pickett
Supernatural S1 - Jovanna Huguet auto as Bloody Mary
The Osbournes - Kelly Osbourne auto as the Daughter
Buffy S6 - Tom Lenk auto as Andrew

Box 3
Angel S4 - Eliza Dushku auto as Faith
Lost S3 - Blake Bashoff auto as Karl
Firefly - Ron Glass auto as Shepherd Meria Book
TV's Coolest - Elinor Donahue auto as Ellie May (Andy Griffith Show)
Smallville S1 - Kelly Brook auto as Victoria Hardwick

Box 4
Jericho S1 - Anshley Scott auto as Emily Sullivan
Charmed Conversations - Drew Fuller auto as Chris
Alias S4 - Anthony Cistaro auto as Michel Guinot
Angel S5 - Camden Troy auto as Prince of Lies
Smallville S2 - Emmanuelle Vaugier auto as Dr. Helen Bryce

Box 5
Hellboy - Ron Perlman auto as Hellboy
Aliens vs Predator Requiem - Ian Whyte auto as Predator
Andromeda - Steve Bacic auto as Rhade
Buffy S7 - Lalaine auto as Chloe
Smallville S2 - Tom O'Brien auto as Roger Nixon

Box 6
Supernatural S2 - Jason Gedrick auto as Detective Peter Sheridan
Veronica Mars S1 - Tina Majorino auto as Cindy "Mac" Mackenzie
Lost Revelations - Neil Hopkins auto as Liam Pace
4400 S1 - Richard Kahan auto as Marco Pacella
Smallville S1 - John Schneider auto as Jonathan Kent
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Nice Eliza autograph!
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wow, two johnathan kents! very cool!
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some nice ones in there..i like the Fraser, Dushku & Perlman any of those available by chance?
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Eliza Dushku!!!! WOOT!!! Awesome
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Nice breaks,

pm sent
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