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Default Question about donating cards and tax write offs

As you all know, we end up with a pile of base cards at the end that can't sell and collect dust. I was thinking the other day about donating. I'm a little late for Christmas but I could use this as future reference. I was also thinking that I could write it off on taxes as a donation.

I figure I will catch some crap over this. Something like: "There are people in this world that have nothing and all you can think about is money?!" But its a win win for everyone, the less fortunate get free stuff and us sellers get money for worthless cards.

So has anyone done this? Can you use Beckett BV for values of the donation? Can you even write it off?
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I don't think any charitable organization is going to give you a receipt for donating cards. But if you have a good account possible they can schedule it for ya! Good luck.
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Use to you could get away with it. Years ago, the LCS I worked at would give an apprasial to a customer who did anual donation for a tax write off. However, over the past years it has become more difficult and less places take sports cards as a donation. I don't even think he does it anymore to be honest.
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I have a pastor friend who used to donate lots of cards each year to the annual church youth group garage sale. While I don't know if he called it a charitable contribution on his taxes, he did give them away. You would have to preprice the lots for the garage sale, since most of the people selling would not have much of a clue as to what a card is worth.
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