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Default 2009 case break - A&G or Toppes Series 1 ???

Looking for advice. I've set aside some ca$h to buy a low end case this year. I was all set to pre-order Toppes Series 1 but am now considering waiting for 2009 A&G. I haven't seen any previews but looking at history A&G seems like a better break in terms of fun, potential to recoup investment, and potential big hits.

I'm assuming A&G cases will go for ~$750 or about $100 more than Topps Series 1. Worth the additional cost and waiting 5-6 months?
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Well, cheaper stuff is the way to go these days. Both those products will take a lot of effort to sort, but I actually enjoy that. I didn't do regular Topps but I'm sure other people can tell you how it breaks. Although 09 looks to be a great product.

A&G was the first case I bought to try and sell most of the stuff. You really can sell just about every card. You can also pull some cards that will go for surprising amounts such as the various Bazooka backs or cloth cards. It's almost six months later and if you look at completed auctions, that's still the case.

I don't know if it's a yearly thing, but the relic cards were pretty worthless and the common autos were pretty lame.
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