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Welcome New Members! *Read here first* Introduce yourself and read our General Rules

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Default Checking in from CA!

What's up everyone.

I'm signing onto these boards after watching and reading for a while.
I started in the hobby when I was 4 and collected for 14 years, and was at one point a manager for a sports card store for 2 years. I was totally into the hobby, had my share of sick pulls and knew more about the hobby then literally anyone I knew... but then it just stopped being fun and become about money, or just spending too much.
I took a three year break, and during that time accomplished a lot (maybe that's a sign?) and I'm just in the middle of launching my own media company based out of San Diego.
But even during that break, I would once in a while bust a few packs, or look at forums. I decided to sign up here and just mingle with the hobby again. Never taking it as seriously as I did before.

The first box I got this year, I was shorted 6 autos out of a Sage Hit box. But then I ripped a box of 08 Longevity Football and pulled two Rookie Logo Signatures (both 1/1's) in the same box and I was lured back into the hobby.

Not going to do a ton of a trading and all, I'd rather just send someone the card for free, but I'll bust some wax and laugh with the rest of you over bad breaks.

Some might know my ebay name. I used to be on plenty of forums under that name...not anymore, sold of the D-Hall collection that I had built for 3 years for under $150 bucks.

As for my user name, I was born in Pittsburgh (Pirates!) but then moved to NY for 12 years and attending Giants training camp every that's where GiantPirate comes from if anyone cared to know, lol.

Hope everyone is well, and I look forward to meeting you all.

All the best,
Looking for any & all 2014 Bowman Jack Flaherty

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Welcome to the forums. I have been collecting 21 years since 1989, but took a break from 2001-2006. During that time I collected Cowboys stuff here and there maybe a box every once in awhile but just was not fun. Until in 2007 when I bought a 2006 National Treasures box and busted a Jersey Numbered Autograph of Roger Staubach numbered 6/12. I then got hooked back in.
Collecting Dallas Cowboys,Boston Celtics,Thon Maker,New York Rangers,Nashville Predators,WWE Wrestlers, and HOF football players.

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Welcome to the boards

You must be pretty happy this year about your Pirates so far Looking forward to seeing some of your box breaks!
Let the Pigeons Loose - Have a nice Velvet Auto/Kiss Card/Relic? Shoot me a PM
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